Risen From Fallen Angels

Risen From Fallen Angels

We would like to raise money to enable recovering addicts/alcoholics to access transformative dance theatre workshops.

We did it!

On 11th Nov 2014 we successfully raised £545 of £500 target with 25 supporters in 42 days

New stretch target

If we raised more funds the money would be used for extra professional development workshops and travel expenses.



Fallen Angels Dance Theatre (FADT) support “Risen” who are a group of adults in recovery from addiction, they are advocates for recovery.

Risen meet, create and perform dance theatre, based in Liverpool they explore their recovery journeys, and inspire others to recover from addiction. Members access Risen having demonstrated a passion, commitment and interest in developing their dance theatre skills through FADT projects and workshops.

The main purpose of the Risen group is to provide a platform for people in recovery from addiction to express their experiences and feelings and develop their artistic skills. For some this is the only social group outside recovery service and bridges the gap into reconnecting with the wider community.  

Last year Risen with the support of FADT performed to 1710 people. Here are a few of our recent performances: 

UK recovery walk www.ukrw.org 

The Lowry

Wirral Recovery Event

West Yorkshire Playhouse:

We are invited to perform to inspire marginalised communities especially recovering addicts/alcoholics.

Benefits for participants:

Improved health and well being

Building Confidence and self esteem

Connecting with others

Developing skills for Education and employment




Wider benefits include:

Community Cohesion

Breaking down the stigma surrounding addiction

Raising awareness of addiction

Breaking down stigma

Drug/Alcohol intervention.

About You


Fallen Angels Dance Theatre is a professional Dance Theatre Company which exists to break down barriers, through creativity and self expression, demonstrating the power of transformative Theatre.

We offer creative dance participation and performance activities for young people and adults recovering or affected by addiction. We specialise in social inclusion and those sections of the community who are excluded through economic and social barriers. We inspire and support them to make positive life choices through our education and outreach programmes.

Our vision is to strive for artistic excellence whilst raising awareness that art changes lives with its rehabilitative power.

We are a registered charity (no:1158251) based in Chester UK.

There are several values, which underpin Fallen Angels’ philosophy and approach:

Fallen Angels is a non-discriminatory inclusive dance theatre company. We champion recovery from addiction by inspiring others through creating the highest quality arts. We create a safe environment for learning and exploration to nurture a journey of self discovery.

What is your idea?

This money will enable the group to meet weekly for 10 weeks and if we exceed our target it will sustain and enable us to reach out and support more people on their path to recovery.

Why are you Crowdfunding?

The money we raise will pay for members to access the group. It will pay for: travel expenses, venue hire, and general running cost. If we were successful in exceeding our target the money would help us reach out and support more people on their path to recovery.


Feedback from group members:

“Still buzzing from the dance! Absolutely loved the experience..best feeling I've had throughout my whole recovery journey so far. I've never felt such a natural high-no drug has ever come close to giving me this rush of energy and elation..and such a bloody big smile on my face that keeps igniting my whole being as I continue living the dance.”

"I felt more in control of my inner feelings and strengths. Building relationships within the group has increased my self-esteem and confidence. Putting my experiences both bad and good through my recovery process and journey into movements has been an uplifting and inspirational experience. I look at things differently now in a positive way. Turning

negative into positive feeling and expressing those feelings into movement."

Case study:

Tony heard about the Cheshire group through his local AddAction service “ I always liked dancing raving years ago but never would have the confidence to do it sober. I was talked into it by a load of girls from the service. I had a stereotype of the kind of dancing it would be and I didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I did. It wasn’t what I expected.”

He talks about his experience: “I was very apprehensive and fearful due being in a paranoid and safe conscious place at that time. Being sober and around people was scary and I felt very vulnerable at first.

Straight away I entered a friendly non-judgemental atmosphere. It was the first time I had a genuine smile and a laugh for a long time. I had suffered depression for years and some physical barriers, but I knew it would be good to do the exercise. The workshops were as demanding as I wanted it to be, nobody was pushing me, it excelled all my expectations.”

He has moved onto Risen group in Liverpool “FADT gives me a sense of being part of something special. it gives me the opportunity to excercise, and be creative, always enjoyable. Of all the treatments I was attending at the time I would always attend no matter how shit my mood was ‘cos I new I would feel better after it. It benefits my health both physically and mentally and still always leave with a smile on may face 9 months later.”





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