Ripped off by dishonest company, in serious deb

by Kirsty in Great Boughton, England, United Kingdom

Ripped off by dishonest company, in serious deb


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Not sure where to start... To explain the back story I divorced my husband in 2019 after 19 years in an abusive relationship, he refused to...

by Kirsty in Great Boughton, England, United Kingdom

Not sure where to start... 

To explain the back story I divorced my husband in 2019 after 19 years in an abusive relationship, he refused to leave the family home so I agreed to leave with nothing which was a very difficult decision to make with kids just  to have an end to it all as I could take no more. I moved into a rental but quickly realised I would need to find a cheaper option to live in if I was going to manage financially so I looked into buying a static caravan to live in which I worked out although not my first choice would halve my living costs and allow me to save for a deposit. 

I found a site and a caravan that would be suitable, paid out the deposit from the last of my savings and the balance with a loan expecting to be able to move in as I was promised by the company straight away. This was not the case, when I was given the keys I realised there was no electricity, water or heating making it unlivable... 

What proceeded from there was the most frustrating months of my life, I was constantly lied to and told it was ready and fixed only to turn up on numerous occasions to find it in the same state, because I couldn't move in I've had to continue to pay rent on my rental property that I was struggling to afford but now I also have to find the caravan loan payment as well. I went to the CSA as after finally getting to speak to the director of the caravan company I was told if he had bought a second hand car and told it was in working order he would not expect it to be and would expect to wait for repairs just the same as when I've bought a caravan in working order I should not expect it to be, at this point it was hammered home in my head that I had been ripped off and would get nowhere with them as I had really tried this far. 

The CSA advised on consumer law and I proceeded with their advice to write to the company stating my rights but it will be of no suprise they didn't reply to either letter so my next option would be court but I cannot afford the legal fees and as this has gone on and on while I've got deeper and deeper into debt I've found I'm struggling with my mental health and fearing going outside of the house as I feel so very stupid and constantly worry and think about money and can't sleep for worrying so I don't think I could face court. 

The caravan company are now also chasing me for over 2k worth of site fees I can't pay

I'm trying to raise the money to pay off the caravan loan so I can at least try to pay for repairs myself and pay off some of my debts and start to rebuild my life again. Myself and the children would very much appreciate wholeheartedly any help. 

Many thanks 

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