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On 25th November 2019 we successfully raised £1,929 with 53 supporters in 28 days

to stop the ongoing erosion of disabled people's human rights. 7 out of 8 people become disabled later in their lives. It affects us all.

by Disabled People Against Cuts in London, England, United Kingdom

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Christopher Jacques Antony Lloyd 17th November 2019

Thank you DPAC for all that you do. Much Love, Tony. Protest Disabled So protesting wrongs is now a crime More so if one's disabled. One is made to do hard time As fit one is mislabelled. Police take notes and pass along Dates and names and faces Stasi-esque; an awful wrong They take away all traces Of rights, of voice, of agency, Our speech is chilled and frozen: Reported to DWP Our pittance stopped and stolen. We are declared to be base frauds: Disableds aren't permitted To challenge wrongs like other folk: We're not yet manumitted We are the chattels and the slaves Of those who are the masters To suffer from their whips and staves; Their diktats of disaster We must be kept down in our place, Not challenge the corruption: We're not allowed to show our face; To challenge the disruption That stalks this broken, tortured land From blunders of the mighty; A boot stamped on the face and hand Of all who should be free. Tony Demoncy 28/07/2019 A Private In The Spoon Army As a private in the spoon army (You can call me “Broken and Barmy”) I help as I am able (Though my feats aren’t notable) What citizens should understand As we fight for our rights in this land Is that we fight because we must Even moving one small grain of dust Adds towards the whole Lightens the steps towards our goal And though that one grain drain us You really shouldn’t blame us For we do all that we can Each in our own way For each one in the van Dozens cheering on the day So if one’s ill abed One more grain too much Remember steps were lightened By countless grains of dust Tony Demoncy 19/02/2012 We Are The Voiceless We are the voiceless No matter what we say Those with Disabilities Reviled and swept away. A tide of hate and prejudice Is sweeping us away It's hard enough to live this life When one struggles day to day. But apparently we are to blame For all this country's woes We are made to seem fair game Everyone Our Foe No one wants to tell our tale No one wants to know That we are being crushed here With no place left to go. Tony Demoncy 02/05/2011

Jenny Hurst 12th November 2019

It is essential that the old mantra of “Rights not Charity” rings loud and clear in this time of austerity! Disabled people have fought and continue to fight for their rights but more and more access to these rights is being eroded. Organisations like DPAC are key in ensuring that the fight goes on to make society more equal.

Marion Fallon 9th November 2019

Found about DPAC around 2012/2013 & have been with you all the way since. What the Tories (including with Lib Dems in the coalition) have done to disabled & sick/poor people since 2010 is a travesty & against all our human rights.

kit lynam 8th November 2019

i'm disabled, a full time wheelchair user, and it took me 5 years to get what i was owed from ESA. i'm still fighting for the PIP i'm fully owed. (currently they say my wheelchair is unnecessary, despite being prescribed by local wheelchair services.) i can't imagine what'll happen when UC comes in and i lose all i fought 5 years for with my ESA. organisations like you are literally saving my life. so i thought you should have some of my benefit.

Rita Maskill 30th October 2019

I am severely disabled myself incurable and has a restricted life all disabled people are treated absurd and with contempt more should be done for disabled not just money but given better rights as well and be allowed to spend Thier life how they want to without any worries ,pressures,or restrictions where they can go or what they can do to make it better to live Thier lives in peace

Christopher John Ball 29th October 2019

We have to get the pernicious, extremist, ideologically driven Conservatives out of office. A party that creates, what the UN called, a 'human catastrophe' for disabled people is not fit to hold office.

Joe Kaliszczak 29th October 2019

We can't afford another five years of the Conservatives. Our NHS is at stake, lives of thousands of disabled people will be too, and I dread to think what sort of Brexit they will impose upon us.

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