RightLines - Help for Young People who Self Harm

by TAV in Clitheroe, England, United Kingdom

RightLines - Help for Young People who Self Harm


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To create a short film to explain our service and invite young people to visit our website right-lines.co.uk and try RightLines out

by TAV in Clitheroe, England, United Kingdom

Who we are

We are a really new project of youth workers, counsellors and coaches who want to work with young people who feel a need to self harm to help them develop understanding, strength and change.  

Why we want to do this

We cant always change the things that are upsetting us but we can learn to reframe and manage situations differently so they are not so harmful for us.  If we can manage to redistribute power, feel more in control, then we will start to feel batter about ourselves and the harmful urges will lesson. 

What we do already

RightLines does this by offering a distraction service 24/7 and webchat and an email service.  All free.  

What we want to do with your help

But we need to tell more young people that we are here, so we are asking for you, please, to help us, by contributing to a fund to pay for a promotional film that can be used on social media, but also in schools, colleges, gyms and youth clubs - places where young people go.

Let's make 'RightLines - Help for Young People who Self Harm' happen

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