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e-Motorcycling - Riding to a Greener Future

by David Paton in Leven, Scotland, United Kingdom

e-Motorcycling - Riding to a Greener Future
We did it
On 7th December 2021 we successfully raised £10,060 ( + est. £775.25 Gift Aid ) with 129 supporters in 41 days

Our charity will be forerunners helping and encouraging traditional off-road motorcyclists to try e-motorcycling, reducing co2 emissions

by David Paton in Leven, Scotland, United Kingdom

New stretch target

If we achieved a higher target of around £38,196 we would not only use cleaner energy motorcycles, but we would strive towards carbon neutral, by generating our own power through solar or wind. 

We'd buy an additional three electric motorcycles. 

As far as we are aware this would be the first carbon neutral off-road motorcycle project in the UK.

Kingdom Off Road Motorcycle Club - Riding to a Greener Future

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Like many car users many thousands of Motorcycle enthusiasts will struggle to change attitudes, behaviours and subsequently their co2 petrol combustion engine motorcycles. The is additional complications and barriers for off-road sports motorcyclists.  Across the UK, there are thousands of off-road motorcycle clubs and tens of thousands of motorcycle users. None of these off-road riders are being encouraged to think about the impact their passion has upon the climate emergency.  Most of the bikes have no emission standards or control measures to reduce co2 emissions. Nether are they being incentivised like car owners are, there is no government discount scheme to buy electric motorcycles, no free charge points or fast charge installations at home.

Off-road motorcycle emissions research is scant, however a 2008 study, in the state of California showed:

Emissions from current off-road vehicle use state-wide are equivalent to the carbon dioxide emissions from 42,000 passenger vehicles driven for an entire year or the electricity used to power 30,500 homes for one year.

The survey concluded that overall use of off-road vehicles on public lands consumes more than 26 million gallons of gasoline each year in California. This equates to more than 500,000 barrels of oil - 230,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide.


What can we do?

Our charity Kingdom Off Road wants to encourage young people and off-road motorcycle enthusiasts to use engines of the future. We would love to offer low-cost test rides and hire of cleaner robust e-motorcycles. We’d be seeking to convert regular modern bike petrol engine users, to consider electric motorcycles. The e-Motion Motorcycle is a forerunner, it has been well tested and has great reviews. We want to share this green option to the wider public and the off-road motorcycling fraternity..  Here is a recent review  e-Motion click here


Kasnitz and Maschke report: “One two-stroke off-road motorcycle or all-terrain vehicle emits as much hydrocarbon pollution per mile as 118 passenger cars, while relatively cleaner four-stroke engines still emit more than seven times the level of carbon monoxide as new cars.”

Further problems:

Off Road motorcycles are at the back of the cue for electrification & culture change.  We want to move this up the agenda by giving an experience on e-off-road motorcycles. Funds raised would purchase electric motorcycles to be used by anyone. 

There are hundreds of motorcycle sports clubs across Scotland and tens of thousands of off-road motorcycle enthusiasts across Scotland. This is a large forgotten group of high emission polluters, who love the outdoors and would potentially contemplate change to make a huge difference. They will need help and encouragement, also the market needs to lead this with supplying more affordable electric off-road motorcycles. Our charity would be unique and seek to get a high-profile influencer, such as Ewan McGregor, a keen environmentalist and motorcyclist.

Off-road motorcycles do not qualify for government grants or charging port subsidies. Most motorcycles will continue to use older type petrol and opposed to cleaner E10. Across the world, there are hundreds of millions of off-road motorcycle users. Scotland would be pioneers, leading the way in grass roots electric off-road motorcycle sport. As the sport is mostly rural, we would love to achieve the re-charge of these bike to be done directly from trackside via solar or wind supplies.


Secondary benefits:

One of our previous benefactors, Connor Smith (a trials motorcycle rider) benefited from our last Crowdfunding campaign - please see video above. As the result of an accident, he lost his left hand completely, therefore unable to use a clutch. Some of our funding went towards the purchase of an automatic Rekluse clutch. This was great getting him back to riding, a sport which loved for many years, then unfortunately left after his accident. He has since started using an electric motorcycle and his performance has improved dramatically, he is now winning many competitive Trials competitions. We would like to be able to offer off-road motorcycling  to a wider audience such as: ex-service personnel who have been wounded in active service, and other people who are affected by disability or long-term health conditions.


Please help our charity achieve change; help us, to help the climate emergency, help us to lead change  - join us and ride to a greener future

By running electric motorcycles, it will also enable our charity to quietly operate in urban areas, schools, community spaces and parks. This would help our charity work towards financial sustainability.

Please check out our facebook page to give you an idea of what we do

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