Riding The Tiger Film

by Stephen Richards in Durham, County Durham, United Kingdom


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To secure funding for the editing of this full length feature film. Filmed 8 years ago it remained untouched ...

by Stephen Richards in Durham, County Durham, United Kingdom

1631538481_1484672_771340532897004_7120801889491330044_n.jpgABOUT ME My name is Stephen Richards, I'm a guy from te north east of England. Sometimes I have a bit of writing talent. Looking to have this film I directed some eight years ago finally edited. Based on true crime events, I also wrote the filmscript and managed to get a fantastic cast together, as well as the behind the scenes people. I look forward to seeing the film premier and it to be hailed the best film to come out of the north east in 45 years.

Writing the film script for Riding The Tiger was cathartic.


The aim of this Crowdfunding project is to finally have the film footage of a project that was started over 8 years ago edited. I wrote the script for Riding The Tiger and directed the film that stars many UK actors, and one from New Zealand too. I funded the project out of my own pocket, all of the hard work is done ... the locations were sourced, the best actors for the roles were secured and the behind the scenes crew worked fantastically hard on the set.

The Law of Attraction film no one would dare make … until now! A new film is coming. “Riding The Tiger”, a classic tale of ruin and redemption with a psychological twist. “Ch'i 'hu nan hsia pei” goes the Chinese proverb, trans.

What is it about the film that made me leave it sitting in the dust for so long? I felt a tinge of sadness walking away from it after so many had given so much, but I just didn't have what I felt it took to mastermind the final pieces. Now I have matured, and after these years I feel I am able to lay it to rest and offer it to the public as an insight into some partially true details of my own life.

1631538918_10349012_771893099508414_446112033957651584_n.jpgAdmittedly it's a film with violence, however it also has a story to tell of what life is really like inside of someone's head!I walked away from the project feeling jaded and drained ... yet here all of these years later I feel a duty to those that helped make the film a reality, a duty to have it finalised.

Filmed around the north east of England, it has a classical gutsy feel to it. Tempered with some hardcore acting makes it a film that will be outstanding because the last good film to come of the north east was the classic Get Carter ... this film Riding The Tiger will also stand the test of time.

Here is what is outstanding in order to complete the film:

1st edit 

1st time coded check print

2nd edit

2nd time coded approval print

Final mastering edit 

Grading and Colour correction

Audio mix and balance

Creating 2d opening titles and end credits.

Final video release 

Encoding video for social media streams.


Thank you for your consideration to help.


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