Ricknroll’s Little Superheroes

by Ricknroll mascots in Hornchurch, England, United Kingdom

Ricknroll’s Little Superheroes
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Supporting children who are young carers by giving them a special moment of childhood. So they can be thanked for all they do.

by Ricknroll mascots in Hornchurch, England, United Kingdom

Supporting children who are young carers by giving them a special moment of childhood. So they can be thanked for all they do.

We aim to bring our doorstep visits, virtual messages and get presents with the sincerest thank yous to young carers in Havering.
We are looking for ways to raise funds for young carers and also young minds. Letting them enjoy a piece of childhood they’d be missing out on whilst they care for a sibling, a parent or grandparent etc.
We will spend our time raising awareness, buying gifts and supporting in their chance to enjoy some fun, some laughter and that moment when you can just be in the moment and smile. These children of such young age deserve the world as they’ve given theirs for others.We believe they deserve a chance of some simple fun and happiness that doesn’t revolve around daily chores like cooking, cleaning assisting someone else getting dressed or having the responsibility of others even younger than themselves. We also would like people to nominate anyone they know that is a child carer. In short terms anyone they know where a child is having to play adult at no fault of anyone, where a child is basically looking after the home because of a disabled parent or have become a carer at such a young age and may not even know it. We want them children to realise what they do is soooooo special, so kind and well respected that they deserve a thank you. We can offer simple holiday park style fun or birthday treat but your kind donations will help us to help charities and companies that support these children aswell as being able to provide them with thank you gifts. We are putting a lot of time and money into this, from our very own Rik running a half marathon for it to being the ones that’ll show up spend a little time making these children laugh and have a stress free time to buying thank you gifts and splitting the proceeds we make usually to a couple of charities that help and support these children.
At Ricknroll mascots we can only cover the Havering area but we are hoping to provide these special uplifting moments even further out with friend companies like us donating their time too. Thank you in advance for anything you can give to help support and raise awareness for such amazing young children that have stepped up and truly become little superheroes!!!

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