Richard's Photographic Project

Raise sufficient funds to enable me to purchase photographic equipment including a digital camera to replace my aging kit.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

For many years I've been an amateur photographer who loves taking, producing and showcasing photographs of life, towns, cities, villages, cats, dogs and people. Through photography I want to become well known one day, so I'm trying very, very hard to produce the best unique photos I can. The most wonderful vivid photos people have ever seen. I want to show people the whole of the United Kingdom and beyond through the media of photography and video. Winter is almost here with fresh opportunities for me to produce photographs of  snowy scenes and to develop new skills with my camera.

I'm also a delivery driver travelling up and down the UK delivering goods to commericial catering customers. My daily travels give me the perfect opportunity to take photos of all the places I visit. I love showing off my photos on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. You can view some of my photos online at I will also be starting a website showcasing some of the photos I have produced.

In order to help me fulfil my dream of producing the perfect photo I would very much like to raise enough money (£5,000) to update my digital camera and photographic equipment. Producing great photos just doesn't end with pressing the camera's shutter button, so I would like to update my computer to a more capable apple laptop giving me an even greater scope to produce the best results ever.