3 Sculptures, 3 Months - re-born into sculpture!

3 Sculptures, 3 Months - re-born into sculpture!

To create 3 magical, sculptured, creatures from scrap & waste materials based on my paintings & drawings of The Inhabitants Of Shoddy-Wood.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

 Good day to you all!

I am Richard Brian Lumley - I create sculptures of magical and mythical creatures from scrap metals and recyclable materials that I have found or I have been gifted.

I am lucky at present to have use of a fine and spacious studio and workshop, I need to utilise this facility for the next three months in order to create 3 new sculptures for the surrounding woodlands based partly on the history of Blackerton Hall and on My own Shoddy-Wood series.

The materials, the paint, the paper and canvas, the desire & inspiration I already have.

I have to secure the studio & workshop for the next 3 months and I offer what I hope are acceptable rewards for your assistance to do that and in that time I shall create, with accompanying sketches, paintings and drawings, 3 sculptures 5, 3 and 2 foot high which will be then be made available to the open market.

I envision a large White Woodland Dragon, a Sea-Horse with it`s Rider and a woodland & quite devilish Imp, something akin to Lilly shown in her photo-print format.

...speaking of devilish imps! Please meet Frank - he is a squirrel scarer, another story entirely, but a fine example of my previous work......soon to be launched as a 3d printable sculpture!

Frank - The Squirrel Scarer & BirdfeederA sculpture forms from story, then, for me, takes it`s form as a drawing, sometimes complex, sometimes simple, these can sometimes become fully fledged works in their own rights. I would hope that not only the sculptures become fine works but also the accompanying studies, paintings and sketches. An example of such work of mine includes this first study, which became an available print, and final piece from doodle to painting to creation...

...which led itself to ::

....and finally became ::

....which has since inspired other new works and sketches...

...and most recently ::

New Sea-Horse Study 2016

"Madra" shown below took her form from such a delicate simple sketch to become what I think is something quite majestic!

Madra So, for February, March & April I require your assistance and you will be finely and quite richly rewarded, I can assure you.

Risks and challenges? There really are none....

......I am so inspired and prepared for this, with materials in hand, skills and talent in abundance that only the ultimate could stop me from completion, and that is not securing the studio and workshop for the next 3 months, which your pledges will allow me, except my demise, I suppose, and that `aint happening soon -

I have created many sculptures and many paintings previously, and will continue to do so, until the my very end., which must be way, way off, as this is just the very start! -

I update my followers often at Facebook, and soon Twitter - you are welcome to join me there also....

Finally - Images of the studio and workshop this project is helping me to continue to use - 

Love & Peace. Richard