Richard Lewis Plays Schubert

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Fulfilling a long held dream to begin recording the beautiful music of Franz Schubert

We did it!

On 29th May 2015 we successfully raised £9,235 of £8,000 target with 53 supporters in 42 days

New stretch target

We've made the target! We have a beautiful Schubert CD coming. Thank you so much everyone. You are amazing!

We set the target at £8,000 with an aim of achieving £10,000 if at all possible.

This extra amount would give a longer window to fine tune the project and take off some of constraints.

Again, thank you so much for getting involved. We love you!

Project aim

Fulfilling a long held dream to begin recording the beautiful music of Franz Schubert

About the project

When I was a teen I fell in love with classical music and decided to become a pianist. I heard a concerto on the radio when I was 13 years old, went out and bought the music and subsequently memorised it. I began to play the great composers and for a number of years enjoyed playing piano recitals. I was trained under some great teachers. Then I felt led to change direction to lay it down for a time, to focus on leading worship in the church and writing worship songs. I wanted to be a blessing to the christian community. During this season of my life I played in many locations over the world sometimes leading thousands of people in a meeting. I also released a series of worship CDs including two on the Kingsway label. This has been a tremendously fun journey, and I have loved leading the church into the joy of Heaven.

At this time in my life I am ready for a new and exciting challenge. I want to continue leading worship, but also to stretch into new exciting directions. I have had a dream in my heart for many years to record a classical album of some of the music that most stirs and inspires me knowing it will also affect the lives of those that listen. This dream has been stirring for years inside me and now it feels ready to be birthed. I know the time is right. This is part of my future and part of the legacy for my family.

I want to give six months of 2015 over to develop this beautiful music. For this project I have chosen to play some piano works by my favourite composer Franz Schubert. A loved Austrian composer who died at only 31 years of age. He was an extremely gifted man and his music has the ability to take you on a journey into heavenly places and to plumb the depths of the soul's journey.

Our goal is to raise £8,000 as a minimum workable project. This will cover two days hire of the lovely Wyastone studio in Monmouthshire (one of he best in the world), the support of a small production team, editing time, creating the album artwork and the finished CD product. Ideally our goal is to raise £10,000 if we can stretch it to that to remove constraints.

Friends old and new and our wider church family we are asking for your help to make this dream happen, to be our support base to sponsor this album. We really can't do this project without you. You will be co-creating our sound and releasing something of quality that I am hoping will get air time on mainstream radio stations such as Classic FM. When it is finished we plan to have a concert to launch and celebrate the new album and to thank our supporters for their support.

We are humbled and honoured by your love and support for us. Thank you in advance for believing in me!

*For every person who donates £20 or over we will give you a free CD and ticket for launch night.

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