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To raise money for tools and equipment to share and teach people the knowledge of sculpting and mould making.

We did it!

On 26th Sep 2015 we successfully raised £160 with 6 supporters in 28 days

Project aim

My aim is to run courses, shareing my passion and teach people the knowledge of sculpting and mould making.

About the project


My project will be for the the comunity, friends and family to come along and choose one of the courses that are offered, to learn the skills and knowledge required to sculpt and mould a piece of their own. Students will learn all the basics of sculpting and mould making, along with the differnt ways to sculpt a piee, and the different ways to use the tools depending on the result you want.

We will be doing filler  exercises in between the setting times of silicone rubber, to train your motor skills that enable you to create good work, training your eyes and your fingers, because they will be your most important tools. Understanding the basic rules that apply in the sculpting world will enable you to gain masses of progress i.e. always looking for movement in the peice to make your sculpture look more natural. 

 I want to create a comfortable relaxed teaching environment for the people who are not 100% confident in their skill level, as well as the more advanced individual. I shall tend to everyones need to the best of my ability, and resolve any issues that you may have.


When your 4 days come to an end, you would be able to sculpt and mould a piece from start to finish, case your mould up and then finaly pour your sculpture in resin. You will then have something to show, for the time you have invested in yourself to learn theses set of artistic skills.

There will also be the oportunity to learn the skill of paternation, the colouring of the resin or Bronze. All of the techniques involved are art forms in themselves, mastering all of them will mean you have a unique piece of art, finished to a very high quality.

I will be offering one to one sessions for people who want to learn more, and also opportunities to exhibit work if they wish to do so. Day courses  are also available for people who are short of time.

However,  setting up a creative teachings programe costs money! We need the tools, the materials and the saftey equiptment.

What I will buy with the money


Silicone Rubber, Jesmonite powder, liquid and matting 

Filite Powder & Clay 

Catalist, Fiberglass resin, plus plus plus!


Sculpting tools, Armature wire , Nuts, Bolts and Screws !!

Drills, Chizzels, Threaded bar, plus plus plus


Safety Equiptment !!!!!!


I belive art should be shared. Please help me share it!!



I've found the perfect place to share my art, but I need your help to create a hub that can be enjoyed by everyone that wants to be apart of it.  

So pledge today to get this ball rolling. and you will recive one of many of the rewards in return. There are many up for grabs so take a look and enjoy. 


Thank you for taking the time to read this. Hope to see you soon in the studio


Richard Balman at Sculpture Sessions

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