Compost Heap

Compost Heap

having been through chemotherapy, radiotherapy and just undergone surgery, it's time to recuperate and produce some rewards. I can't wait!

We did it!

On 23rd Jul 2017 we successfully raised £2,107 with 46 supporters in 56 days

Having taken a leap into self-employment in a foreign country and then soon after being diagnosed with a bout of Stage 3B lung cancer I now need to face up to the practicalities of day to day living with no wage coming in yet Tax still going out  - I'm going to have to be imaginitive!

Consider this a Cyber Photo Busk rather than Virtual Begging - believe me I thought long and hard about this personal appeal and  I must stress that I have a wonderful supportive family who are and have been more than happy to help me through this episode and I they have already done so much to keep me going, but I would like to try and help myself as much as possible.

Aside from basic living expenses there are a ween of new treatment related costs that have had and will continue to have to be met. 

Obviously I welcome any help however large or small, fiscal or emotional because that is what this exercise is all about,  but I would like to be able to offer something nice in return.  This will not only get me moving and thinking in the field of photography which I love and I'll be offering various 'rewards' for those that would like a piece of me to keep in a dusty box in the attic or perhaps beautifully framed on your mantelpiece .   Unique arty/photo prints, posters and a plethora of other 'special offers' yet to be imagined.  If you want something in particular feel free to ask, I'll do what I can.  Some (slightly rushed) examples can be seen on a dedicated Compost Heap facebook page

I go under the knife on 29 May 2017 so please be patient when waiting for your reward I'm estimating the end July for deliveries to be made.

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