Rhino poacher bounty

Rhino poacher bounty

To raise funds to offer as a bounty for the successful capture and conviction of those who slaughtered the Rhino in the Thoiry Safari Park.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

This fund will be offered by us - through the French authorities - as a reward/bounty for information which leads directly to the capture and successful conviction of those who saw fit to organise and/or conduct the hideous slaughter of the white rhino st Thoiry Safari Park on Tuesday 06/03/17

We have a chance here to balance the scales - even just a little - after this horrific incident. Such a terrible and extreme action deserves an extreme reaction in reply. To proclaim our disgust and ill tolerance collectively and angrily is vital, before a precedent is set that this might ever be allowed to happen again.

It is difficult to convict poachers who ply their disgusting trade in developing and remote parts of the globe. But here, in Europe, we stand a chance. However, a little private cash incentive to help acquire information which leads to the capture and conviction of those responsible for this horror would also send a powerful message that this will never be tolerated, and retribution will be swift. 

Significantly, the amount we aim to raise is roughly twice that of the value of the horn taken by the poachers.