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Rhema: Creativity In Schools

by Rhema Arts UK in London, England, United Kingdom

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Help kids discover their gifts ! Our aim is to inspire young creative leaders through workshops in music, art, film, dance and much more.

by Rhema Arts UK in London, England, United Kingdom


Rhema Arts UK is a non- profit Christian creative company founded in 2015, whose vision is to provide a platform for upcoming creatives to inspire the next generation. We have worked with and inspired over 1000 creatives in the past few years through our projects, events and online platform !


Summer Workshops - July 2018 (Acting & Film)


Summer Workshops - July 2018 (Singing)


WE NEED YOUR HELP for our project.

Our aim is to create opportunities for young people to discover and cultivate their gifts through creative workshops in poetry, film, dance and music.

We would like to bring our creative workshops into local community schools and have been approached by 2 secondary schools in North London and a youth work organisation for troubled youngsters, to run these workshops in their schools over the 2019 academic year based on the knowledge of the work that Rhema currently does. This would involve bringing our team of artists and influencers in to meet the students, and facilitate these workshops at the respective schools and venue(s).

Rhema Arts in Schools would aim to:

1. Encourage students to develop and invest in their creative skills/talents
2. Help students identify how they can use these skills/talents to inspire and encourage others - choosing one or multiple artistic skill(s).
3. Teach students how to use their gift or talent as a creative outlet to communicate their struggles and or successes at school and in life.
4. Network and Connect students with artists and influencers in artistic fields.
5. Create opportunities and contacts for students to continue developing their skills in their desired industry.

We believe that encouraging young people to be actively involved in creative arts will enhance their opportunities for success and becoming positive influencers in their schools and communities now and in the future. Simultaneously, we believe it will help combat youth delinquency, truancy and violence - namely knife and gun crime. We have also known our workshops to be a great outlet for those suffering with mental health and bullying.


Since Rhema's launch - alongside events, we have run annual creative workshops for beginners - in dance, film, poetry, singing, rap for example, which are open to the community and facilitated by artists from different creative fields - such as musicians, poets, artists, singers, designers etc. The purpose has been to give attendees opportunities to learn from the best and develop their talents in various creative skills. These workshops have been well received and we have had stellar feedback of the impact they have had for the attendees and many have gone on to continue in their desired creative field following the workshops.

Rhema is currently funded by donations in kind and proceeds from community events and supporters.


Summer Workshops - July 2018 (Film)


Summer Workshops - July 2018 (Poetry)


Summer Workshops - July 2018 (Rap)


Summer Workshops - July 2018 (Film)



There are very limited funds for such initiatives in schools, and as such Rhema would not be able to run these workshops without significant external funding - which would be used to cover payment of self-employed artists, transportation, technical resources, editing software, hiring of outsourced equipment, promotional material etc. Therefore, with these expenses in mind, the money from Crowdfunding would go a long way in helping us run the full course of workshops for both schools and the youth organisation.

We also aim to follow up with the schools and organisation involved to get feedback on the progress of the students and improvements they have noted post the Rhema workshops.

We hope to expand our workshop offering and connections with additional schools in future.



We hope you will support our project and be part of making change by supporting young creative leaders in our community !

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