Rewilding & permaculture for a healthy planet

by Sarah Greenfield Clark in Broomfield, England, United Kingdom

Rewilding & permaculture for a healthy planet


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To create pockets of biodiversity and carbon capture by purchasing plots and re-wilding them with a focus on agroforestry and permaculture

by Sarah Greenfield Clark in Broomfield, England, United Kingdom

Since learning about the ecological & climate crisis, I commenced community projects locally and to inspire others to help protect our environment. Films for the Future opens spaces free for the general public and screens media productions that help to shed light on the challenges of our time. GreenZone Community Climate Action connected people with projects such as Planet Protectors School Club and No Food Waste schemes. I continue to raise awareness of climate science through actions, blogs, podcasts & local radio segments in my role as SustainableSarah.

The facts show us that the climate is warming faster than anticipated. This brings with is extreme weather events reducing the likelihood of stable food supply in the near future. I want to commence a planting project that can multi-solutional: Planting trees, undergrowth and ground level plants will help capture some of the carbon in our atmosphere, increase habitats for species that are in decline, as well as providing local food sources for communities by using nut & fruit trees & bushes that can be used for foraging.

Our earth is being enveloped in concrete without thought to the impact. I want to bid for & purchase small parcels of land to keep them out of developers' hands and to give them back to nature to do its thing. 

Before devoting my time to these sustainability projects I worked as a self employed gardener. I want to use my skills, talents and creativity to show others what can be achieved with a little team work. I want to help create spaces for wildlife that can also serve as a foraging food supply for when crop failures start to become reality. 

My project idea has been provisionally accepted by the Ecology Building Society to lend me finance for delivering re-wilding, permaculture & agroforestry. I am crowdfunding to generate an initial deposit to bring this project to life.

Let's make 'Rewilding & permaculture for a healthy planet' happen

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