Rewards-based crowdfunding

Give rewards in return for money

Offering rewards in return for money is the perfect way to turn your idea into reality. 

You could be looking to raise anything from a couple of hundred pounds, to tens of thousands of pounds for a wide range of different things.

Projects come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. 

You could be someone with a great idea, or a sports club, a food or drink producer, an event organiser, a community group, a start-up, a great cause, a charity, a restoration project, a creative or an organisation in need of some funding. 

You could be someone we’ve never seen before.

Rewarding like-minded supporters in the Crowdfunder community is the most effective way to:

  • Raise funds
  • Test and validate your idea
  • Pre-sell your products
  • Build loyalty with new customers
  • Market your ideas

And by proving it works you could be eligible for further funding from our partners, as so many projects have found out. 

That's the beauty of what we do.

So far we’ve raised almost £25million for ideas like yours. 

It’s time to start your journey.

Are rewards right for your idea?

A lightbulb moment

Have a great idea? Take the leap and raise the money you need to make it happen through the power of Crowdfunder.

Bring your crowd

It's like throwing a fantastic party. Get your mates in early to our amazing venue, and they'll bring great people you'd never met. 

Offer great rewards

Everyone wants something for their money, and crowdfunding is the same. You're 75% more likely to succeed with great rewards.

Other ways to raise funds

Community Shares

Offer shares in projects that serve the community


Sell equity in your start-up or business