REWARDING HEROES: Rochdale Hornets Medals

Hornets won the League 1 Championship but were only presented with a limited number of medals, meaning some players haven't got one!

We did it!

On 26th Oct 2016 we successfully raised £380 with 13 supporters in 28 days

Rochdale Hornets are a semi professional team from Greater Manchester.

All of the players work full time and give up 2 evenings a week plus Saturdays and Sundays to represent Rochdale in the Kingstone press League 1.

In 2016, the team who were rank outsiders, triumphed against all odds against a full time Toulouse team parachuted into the division with the view to working their way up to Super League.

All of the boys selected to play had to take unpaid leave away from work as well as time away from their family to play in the final at 6 days notice.

After taking 2 bus journeys and a plane journey, and after having to endure mid night fire alarms at there Toulouse hotel, heating being left on in the changing rooms pre game and having personal items stolen whilst training, the boys beat the 25/1 odds to win the title.

17 players took to the field, supported by their physio, head coach and 4 voluntary support staff.

Although most of these recieved there medals for the achievements over the season, there were none spare for others who had sacrificed so much over the season.

Wayne English, retiring captain with 19 years service, Jordan Case who recieved a 1 match ban the Tuesday before travelling, Jason Viller, the assistant coach who worked for expenses only all year- none of these are elgibile for a medal, according to the RFL.

The club have been told we can buy medals for £72 each, but I dont believe the club which has worked so hard should have to purchase a medal- theses lads and the club have earned them.

It was a similar story in 2013, when the club recieved NO medals at all (they got a pint glass!) and now, looking back, I am painfully sad these boys have nothing other than pictures to remind them of there great achievements- I dont want that to happen again.

Please contribute to help reward semi-professional players the way you would want to be rewarded if you had given up the time and money these lads did to achieve.

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