Revunions present: Edinburgh Fringe Crowdfunder!

Revunions present: Edinburgh Fringe Crowdfunder!

To raise money to help the Bristol Revunions pay for the venue, accommodation and travel costs of the Fringe!

We did it!

On 21st Aug 2018 we successfully raised £773 of £700 target with 26 supporters in 56 days

New stretch target

Blimey! Thank you so much for getting us to our target!! We're gonna use this money to go solely towards subsidising accomodation for our Fringe team and performers. As with guest workshops, we never overcharge members so that we can make money and as such anyone staying in our house during the Fringe has to pay upfront for their portion of rent, with the hope that we will be able to subsidise it a little. Especially for the performers in Paraguay who are staying the full month, they are paying a lot to fulfill the requirements of the show and live relatively close to the venue, so we really appreciate you helping to make it a little more affordable. Thank you. 

The Bristol Revunions are returning to the Edinburgh Fringe for the 10th year in a row! We're so excited to again be taking two shows up; a 6-person show telling the fateful tale of our 30-year hiatus when the Treasurer betrayed us by embezzling all our funds, and a smaller but no less hilarious 3-person show with a rotating cast titled, 'Hoops.' 

The latter's cast changes weekly, allowing us to give another half-dozen people the opportunity to perform for Fringe audiences. In addition, we will also be taking multiple tech operators. Add this to the venue costs and you quickly have an eye-wateringly expensive operation. Unfortunately, our performers have shown a distinct reluctance to a) hitchhike up to Scotland and b) sleep in public parks while we're there, and as such we need to spend money on accomodation and travel, in addition to the many thousands of pounds we have to pay to our two venues.

Revunions have worked very hard to increase and promote an inclusive and diverse environment in which everyone feels welcome and can have a wonderful time working on comedy together, and as such we want our Fringe shows to reflect this by irrespective of any financial constraints faced by our members. Our shows throughout the year, once the venue costs are paid, make very little profit, which is then itself almost entirely diminished by costs to function as a society (and one pizza social in freshers' week.) We rarely make any profit at all from our Edinburgh shows once all the costs have been paid to our theatres and the like, and have no alumnae donations or other input from miscellaneous wealthy benefactors. Therefore the society limps along, perpetually barely functioning, but fuelled by our members' passion and dedication. 

Our weekly workshops are free to everyone, and all the guest workshops we've had this year have either been free or very cheap, as we don't want to stop money being an issue when it comes to our members enjoying them. This year we've had multiple Gender & Stereotyping in Sketch Comedy  workshops, and a clowning workshop run by 2017 Edinburgh Best Comedy Show Nominee Elf Lyons. 

Throughout the year, we try to offer as many members as possible various opportunities and means of performing, through fortnightly alternating stand-up nights and scratch night (low-rehearsal shows that don't require auditions). We also do termly larger shows, in addition to multiple collaborative shows with Bristol Improv, and our annual show entirely written and produced by women and other oppressed genders.

It is absolutely astounding, as President, to look at our members and see how able and talented they are, especially those who are new to comedy this year and were initially apprehensive or reluctant to give it a go. It is an absolute privilege to give them the opportunity to perform at a world-famous comedy festival, and show Fringe audiences all the material we've been working on.

However, there's no such thing as a free lunch, and in this case, it's a lunch that doesn't even have a meal deal on it. We would really appreciate anything you can donate to help us alleviate, subsidise, and gently massage the costs down for us and enable us to continue to provide opportunities for our members in the future.

Thank you so much.

Isabel Kilborn & the Revunions committee

ps. Lovely praise we've been lucky enough to receive:

'They surged onto the stage like a hurricane, each performer bringing a sparkling energy that immediately picked the laugh rate up off the floor.' - Clogs, 2017

'Despite minimal props, a simplistic stage and no costume, the six actors and actresses of Revunions are quick-witted, professional, and plain old funny.' - Intermission, 2017

'Every joke was delivered perfectly to a very receptive audience, and there was a professionalism about Revs that showed them to be more than just a comedy club, but one to be taken seriously on the comedy scene.' - Epigram, 2018

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