by Lamson King in London, England, United Kingdom

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Creative industries are MILKING talents & suppressing their contracts. We introduce a formula that free the shackles and evolve.

by Lamson King in London, England, United Kingdom


We have summarised the fundamental resources in cost and working with just these basic needs to create a platform to service all those whom are interested in making a REAL change to their careers.  

Their pledge-(EQUAL-AMOUNT £100) through a fairness overture will see their contributions tying their appearance and demonstrations of their best skillsets, works into film.  Contributors are also counted as the shareholder of this feature length product in which they will help to market globally. Cutting out the middle man and dominating the monopolised system that has been elbowing 99% of eagerly ready talents and creatives alike. We can all perform what the "Big Industries" do.  Just no one has stepped up against their status quo....until now!

Contribute an equal amount £100 and become a shareholder through the profits of new cinema films.

As well as choosing your position to demonstrate your skillsets and create works/products on the big screen.



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£100 or more

Feature Film to Demonstrate yourself

WORLDWIDE APPLIES: The amount £100 contributed is not just your desire to appear on film, but it is flexible for you to introduce your LOGO, BRAND, MUSIC, PHOTOS, CURRENT PROJECTS, YOUR BUSINESS, YOUR BEST WORKS, YOUR PRODUCTS & SERVICES as well as YOUR PRODUCT PLACEMENTS. Above all...your Pledge amount represents you as a shareholder for the profit that comes back to you as a movie investor. RED CARPET PREMIERE invitations included.