Riot Music's aim is to inspire and unite young people to change the world through faith in God and the showcasing of local talent.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

As you may be aware, youth culture in London has developed into a unique blend of injustice and violence, especially in the black and ethnic minority areas.

Despite this, there is so much talent and gifts that young artists have to share with the world, so why hide them whilst constantly portraying a negative image through news, media and stupid stereotypes?

Our aim as Riot Music is to inspire and unite young people to change this, with faith in God at our foundations, and the goal to showcase talent in a positive, safe environment.

 R!ot Music will be for people who have been through all walks of life, but have a passion to inspire and share their God-given talents. We would also love to inspire those who have not yet found their voice, with workshops, vocal coaching, competitions, etc. The motto of the story is, once young people realise their destiny, potential and power to change the world and make it a better place, it will cause a Revolution for the better.

This is why we have organised the event ‘Revolution’ as a starting point. 

With surprise main acts stealing the spotlight, DJ mixes, and young rappers, singers and artists, it is due to be an event that will draw and welcome  local youth in the communities within Harrow and Brent and encourage creativity and cohesion in a way that has never been done before. 

The REVOLUT17N is here. It’s time to shine!