Revolation Road Film

A feature length film, which is a gritty tale of two individuals and how their lives differ but are so linked together

We did it!

On 12th Oct 2015 we successfully raised £405 with 11 supporters in 28 days

What's the project ?

"RevolAtion Road" is a gritty film which follows the lives of two friends through life, going in opposite directions although their paths cross on a regular basis.

Brice is a talented singer songwriter who dreams of becoming a star. In his youth he was involved in a brutal, horrific incident which has led him to remain loyal to his childhood friend, Dougie who is spiralling out of control and heading for a fall. Brice meets Eva, the love of his life who sees his potential and begs him to distance himself from Dougie before it's too late. That means he has a heart breaking decision to make but which ever way he chooses, can he ever really escape from his past?

One of the key elements of this production is that local talent is used entirely and the film is being shot in the local area of that talent.

Who are WarringtonWilliamson?

Pete Warrington and John Williamson are local film makers who met at Cleethorpes Camera Club seven years ago. Having worked on many projects at the club, we decided to form Warrington WIlliamson Productions. Our last short "Empty" has been submitted to several film festivals around the country and received a 4 star rating at the IAC International Film Festival. Take a look at Empty.

This is our first Feature and we are so excited as are all the cast and crew. This is our second collaboration with local screenwriter, Karen Richardson.


Follow this link to see some of our other work: Warrington Williamson films


What's the money for?

Whilst we have a lot of good will involvement from the local community, there are costs as there are with all film projects. We have to pay for location costs, catering for cast and crew on some long shooting days, equipment hire, costume hire, transport, insurances, data management, music, promotion, festival entry fees...the list goes on. This is why we would really appreciate your help.


What do you get?

There are plenty of rewards as you can see from the Crowdfunder website. There are materials things like T shirts and posters, DVD's etc but also the chance of a walk on part in the film! If you are a business within 40 miles of the centre of Grimsby, we can offer you the production of a promotional film which is normally valued at up to £2500 but as part of the Crowdfunding campaign, as a huge thank you, we will offer this for £1000. Of course we will need to discuss the project in detail with you to make sure you get what you want.

If you have a service you could offer in the production of the film - ie you run a catering company, rather than make a financial donation you might like to offer your services instead and be part of the project!

Finally, we thank you in anticipation for your kind support If you would like to find out more, please contact us at either:    or


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