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Reviving Kirkland Children's Playground

by Hilary Stitt in Kirkland, England, United Kingdom

Reviving Kirkland Children's Playground


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Our playground is old. It needs new life. Our children need space to run free. We hope to revamp old tired play equipment, with new fun kit.

by Hilary Stitt in Kirkland, England, United Kingdom

Living in the lakes is wonderful. We have beauty and space, and a fabulous warm community. Our small rural village is beautiful, but we have one main busy road running right through us that leads to Sellafield. Cumbria without Sellafield would be lost, but twice daily rush-hour means that our village isn't a safe place for children. 

Fortunately many years ago a lovely farmer gifted some land to develop into a children's playground area, to keep little people away as the road grew busier. 

Old play equipment has stood on the land for over 30 years now, and is in desperate need a revamp. Our playground was obviously closed throughout Covid lockdown, and now that we can re open the gates we want to give the children of our rural area a more up to date play experience away from the dangerous busy road that passes through the heart of our village. 

Future proofing this land will retain the green space it lies on, and keep it out of the hands of property developers. 

We aim to use recycled plastic play equipment, made from sustainable sources, to provide a long lasting, fully cleanable play area. Which will stand in good stead against any weather damage or future episodes of Covid, as it can be cleaned effectively.  

The playground charity committee are all willing community volunteers, with the hearts and best wishes of our village in their interest. Raising the money towards this project will be a huge achievement for this small crew who delighted to use it to provide a safe fun environment for our young villagers to explore and play.

Let's make 'Reviving Kirkland Children's Playground' happen

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