Revive Minehead's Community Christmas Extravaganza

A community organised late night Christmas shopping event in Minehead in early Dec . Organised in Association with Revive Minehead

We did it!

On 5th Nov 2015 we successfully raised £840 with 68 supporters in 28 days

Revive Minehead's Community Christmas Extravaganza.


in Association with



After so many years of disappointing Christmas activities in Minehead, several members of the community have decided to organise a Late Night Christmas Shopping Event in the town in early December.

This will be held the Friday after the switch on of the town's Christmas lights.

As well as Late Night Shopping, there will be Stalls, Live Music, Children's Funfair Rides, Carol Singing, Urban Voice Choir, Exotic Animals, Donkey Rides and MUCH MUCH MORE -

Including a Special Guest Appearance by Father Christmas and Two of his Reindeer, who children can Meet and Feed.


HOWEVER, all of this costs a lot of money. This is a 'Crowdfunding' page for people to pledge money on. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pledge whatever you can. Please pledge now. We need to know exactly what we have available to spend. There is no need to wait until you get paid as the money won't be taken until 5th November.


If people don't get behind this event and pledge, the event can't happen and Minehead will once again be lacking in festive cheer.


As well as providing families and children with a much needed Christmassy Festive feeling to the town for the first time in many years, it would help local businesses that really struggle at this time of year.

The whole event would also serve as means to raise money for the Somerset Air Ambulance. 


The majority of the donations will go towards our biggest expense - paying for the hire of The Reindeer. Other donations will go towards advertising (Posters and Media etc).


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