Reverend Ndlalifa NCUBE is unlawfully imprisoned

Reverend Ndlalifa NCUBE is unlawfully imprisoned

We need 500 US$ to get Reverend Ncube of the Apostolic Faith Mission of Africa out on bail.

We did it!

On 29th Apr 2017 we successfully raised £40 with 2 supporters in 14 days

Reverand Ncube of the Bulawayo Lobengula congregation of the Apostolic Faith Mission of Africa is being illegally detained on false charges in Zimbabwe (a military dictatorship under Robert Mugabe). Anyone, who stands up against this government becomes an enemy of the state and is at risk of practically anything - violent beatings, abduction, torture, murder, undue arrest and detainment. It is known, that the Apostolic Mission has frequently spoken out against the ruling powers and encouraged its' members to resist intimidation and vote for change in the upcoming elections of 2018. You might not know, that the Ndebele tribe (Bulawayo is in the region of the Ndebele) was victim to the horrific massacres of the 80ies at the hands of the ruling government. Since the year 2000 all elections in Zimbabwe have been rigged - so the whole nation is held in the brutal claws of the ruling party and their militia.

This is a peaceful Man of God, who has not committed a crime. The only conceivable crime he may have committed was to preach of hope and dignity to his congregation, and to those in need, of comfort and faith.

We fear for his safety and need to get him out of prison as soon as possible. We need your help to put up the bail - which is US$ 1.000, of which US$ 500 has already been raised. We still need 500US$. If we manage to get him out, the human rights legal group, Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights, will take up his case.

God bless you.   

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