To create items from reclaimed and foraged wood.

by Familyofwood in Hargrave, England, United Kingdom

To create items from reclaimed and foraged wood.


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We are a family that are passionate about reusing, reloving and creating bespoke wooden items from discarded ones. A sustainable future....

by Familyofwood in Hargrave, England, United Kingdom

Our familyofwoods vision is to develop a business that will teach our children and the local community that we do not always need to but new. That with creative thinking we can transform the unused and unloved into something useful, usable, bespoke and priceless. That we cannot keep throwing away and buying more. To do our bit to develop sustainability by balancing our own needs without jeopardising future generations. We believe in nurturing self and surroundings, recycling and upcycling, bringing the outside in and loving the unloved. Just because something is broken does not mean it cannot be beautiful. We don’t want to just exist we want to live.

We have been doing this as a hobby. Making furniture and items for our family. We have started to make reclaimed items for friends I.e. a bespoke bird box, blackboard, pallet furniture. We have started an Instagram page @familyofwood, Facebook page familyofwood and building a website On here you can see some pictures of the work we have done so far. 

We are using crowd funding to see if this dream can develop into a business. If it does we can imagine providing jobs to others, promoting the reuse and recycling of material. We could collect unloved items on a larger scale. It is difficult to start a business with the potential risk of failure in the current economic climate.

We are looking to raise funds to help us afford time to create a stock, to take to local markets. To develop a portfolio to send to businesses (we have a shop in London currently interested in selling some of our items). Ultimately we would like this to be our career. 


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A bespoke reclaimed wooden coaster just for you. We can add you name, business or a phrase of your choice.

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A bespoke reclaimed wooden photo frame.

Let's make 'To create items from reclaimed and foraged wood.' happen