Reusable takeaway food boxes at festivals

by Karolina&Chris in London, England, United Kingdom

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We aim to eliminate single-use takeaway food boxes from festivals by providing food vendors with reusable alternatives.

by Karolina&Chris in London, England, United Kingdom

Our vision

Our vision is to remove the use of single-use takeaway boxes from the festival industry in the UK, by providing a simple, efficient and slick circular economy service:  reusable takeaway food boxes.

Our service

  • Supplies all reusable takeaway boxes 
  • Delivers these reusable takeaway boxes, in a carbon - free way, directly to the catering vendors
  • Collects the reusable takeaway boxes in our bespoke return "bins"
  • Wash the boxes to an industrial standard in eco-friendly dishwashers

Why does the planet need Boxicle?

There are over 3 million UK music festival-goers attending thousands of festivals annually, and the majority of these people will consume at least one meal served in single-use takeaway food packaging. 

We asked people what kind of boxes they see at festival currently and here's what they said:

What's wrong with those options?

Plastic and polystyrene: Only 9% of plastics are currently recycled, this means tonnes of single-use plastic will end up in landfill. Apart from creating mountains of waste, endless production of single-use packaging uses tonnes of resources like water and energy.

Bio and compostable boxes: It might seem like a great and eco-friendly option, but unfortunately, it is far from that. 

Biodegradable plastics have to be taken to a special facility to be processed, they don’t actually readily decompose in normal conditions. When they end up in the sea, they behave just like any other kind of plastic and are a threat to marine life. If binned with normal plastics, which is often the case, they contaminate it, so it can’t be recycled. 

After a festival is finished, both "biodegradable" and "compostable" boxes will likely end up in landfill with other rubbish in a tight, oxygenless environment. In such conditions, they won't actually break down properly, but create and release carbon dioxide and methane (greenhouse gasses) in huge quantities.

The circular economy is the solution

We are sure you probably heard of #reuse #repair #recycle:

Reusing is actually the most effective method that prevents the creation of endless waste.

According to Ellen MacArthur Foundation, "by designing out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use, and regenerating, rather than degrading, natural systems, the circular economy can be the mechanism by which we achieve global climate targets."

How do we know the project will be successful?

We are following a well-trodden path of reusable plastic cups at festivals, and of the consumers that we surveyed there was a lot of enthusiasm for a similar scheme for takeaway food. Food vendors at festivals were equally enthused stating that this solution was a long time coming.

Here are just some of the responses we received:

"Great idea - awful waste at festivals"

"Great idea!! 100% on board!"

"Really would love to see these at all festivals...and all restaurants!"

According to "Street Food Live" expo, one of the major trends for 2019-2020 in the food industry is eco-friendly packaging.

Future extras: Tracking technology

Each of our Boxicle boxes will be allocated a unique QR code that means that we can keep track of where it is, but also enables consumers to engage with their festival experience like never before: they will be able to learn about the individual history of their box and share their own experience with future users. 

Who is Boxicle?

Karolina and Chris are keen on thinking outside the box(!), and having attended a festival last summer were astonished about how much waste was created from the food consumed, with most takeaway packaging only actually being used for less than a minute. Inspired by the circular economy we were determined to find a solution that would bring an end to the use of single-use packaging at festivals.

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