reunite a loving autistic mother with her son

by Siobhan Manning in London, England, United Kingdom

reunite a loving autistic mother with her son
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To pay legal fees for court to plea my case and earn the chance to be able to hold my son in my arms, be a family again and be a mum again.

by Siobhan Manning in London, England, United Kingdom

Hello, my name is Siobhan. I've started this crowdfunding as a desperate plea for help to pay for a lawyer to plea my case in court, that being autistic doesn't make me a threat to my son. I haven't been able to be a mother to my child for two years because I was unaware of my autistic needs until I reached crisis point resulting in me unintentionally failing my only child. I was falsely accused of neglect, stripped of the child I'd loved and struggled to raise with my unknown diagnosis for three years. Little did I know that the local authority had been alerted to my needs by first my mother during my toddler years then educational institutions right up to college, even when I had my son I was offered no support neither as a new mum or as a vulnerable adult. I love and cherish my son more than my own life and have tried my best to seek out private support despite my financial limitations, as my son deserves me at my best 110% of the time and to prove autism is no barrier to motherhood. Through this heart wrenching turmoil of being called the most horrible things by social services I've met amazing people like Venessa Bobb and autistic mother groups who I only wish I'd known about during my first year as a mum. I acknowledge no matter my own needs my son must always come first, I've learnt and changed but I can not change the fact that I have high functioning autism all I ask is the chance to prove I can be a good mother!

Please I need 7000 pounds to pay for a lawyer who sees the good in autistic parents, I know times are hard but I beg of you don't let social services give my son away for adoption just because of how my brain is wired. I'm not a monster! I'd rather die than harm a hair on my son! I miss watching him grow, hearing him laugh, exploring the world, getting him up, putting him to bed. Please please help me!

Let's make 'reunite a loving autistic mother with her son' happen