Reuben's Retreat Refurbish Woods hospital

Reuben's Retreat Refurbish Woods hospital

The next step refurbishing Woods Hospital to provide a Retreat for families with terminally ill children or families who have lost a child.

We did it!

On 14th Jul 2017 we successfully raised £133 with 3 supporters in 56 days

Can you help this amazing charity towards the next step in their journey to restore the former Woods Hospital

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19/5 Today's update on social media from Nicola Graham - founder and Reuben's Mummy:- 


Yesterday we received some news and it sent my head into a spin and for a brief couple of hours, I allowed myself to wallow in the aftermath of what could have been .....

We had hoped to receive some incredible funding from a wonderful foundation and there has been a pause in this journey....

My post is to share with you, where we are at, where we are heading, our obstacles and vision for the future. I don't wish to invite negativity to the pause as this is difficult enough, I wish to invite positivity to the situation with mountains of hugs, arms of love, voices that share and hearts of compassion. That's you.

You see, it is difficult to share the magic of Reuben's Retreat on paper, and sometimes we have to show all that we are and more to potential hearts and kindness, via the medium that is the written word....

We have had 4 and a half incredible years at Reuben's Retreat and in that time we have raised our first million ... and (I haven't shared this bit before .. because it can switch people off, but you here, you understand the size of our vision and goal and know why I haven't shared before ...) gone on to raise our second million.... wow !!!! ... I know... it's incredible, isn't it .... We have purchased our Retreat, spent hundreds of thousands on the lodge, gardens, roof, pointing, damp, asbestos removal and strip out. This year we plan to execute phases 4 and 5 and potentially 6 subject to funding. All this on a tiny team of 4 full-time staff (to keep costs low) and an army of incredible hearts.
Fundraising behind the scene, spinning many plates and MOST IMPORTANT of all supporting and helping 442 individuals from 239 families.
Unorthodox in our approach, many that have gone before would maybe raise and then purchase/build/renovate.
However we saw an opportunity to restore the amazing, jaw dropping, historic building that is "Woods hospital", we knew the risk, unafraid of hard work, determination, belief and faith we all know it will happen. But it can look, to those that don't truly know us, very scary.
We could have raised those 2 million pounds, bought a run-down community centre and a couple of lodges or caravans in the countryside and negated the worry and risk. But we wouldn't have an ounce of all that we are going to have.... all that Reuben's Retreat WILL be.
A flagship facility in the North of England supporting hundreds of families year in year out. Beautiful community groups from all corners hosted at our magnificent orangery tea room and gorgeous engagements with many great people for all sorts of great and good reasons.

So this morning I put on my wonder woman pumps and decided that tonight's post would be a BIG share... a big share on how sometimes we can all feel a little vulnerable and we can pull TOGETHER to conquer fear and as a collective WE make things happen.

"Each raindrop raises the sea" and that's what we do.

Every year that we raise funds we take out our operational costs and what's left goes towards our renovation project.
Funders can be frightened by how far we still have to go. Being established longer is helpful, offering more support is also beneficial. But we end up in a cycle of.... we can offer more once our day care centre is ready, for that we need money, to get the money we need to prove our work, to prove our work we need the centre open.....

WE will get there, we just have to get through some of these bumps in the road. We also need to prove that year 5 is going to be as great as it is already proving to be from a fundraising point of view.

REMEMBER; we already had an awesome leap of faith from TCCC who took the step to support - seeing the vision and understanding our challenges.... Their investment meaning more than they could ever know and make every penny go as far as it possibly can, safe in the knowledge that we work to the best of our ability in every single arena.

So ..............
Armed with the confidence that;-
£6 covers a lunch
£10 covers a wellbeing session
£15 buys books
£45 covers a counselling session
£123 covers room hire for an event
£250 is a whole break for a family

If 10% of our followers here, raised £100 in the next 3months, we would have circa HALF A MILLION ..... That would give us the comfort we need to finish the day care activity zone AND 18months reserves of operational costs ....

Or £8 a month direct debit, raising £96 a year....

I KNOW WE can do this .... who's in ....

Raffles, tuck shops, sponsors, challenges, pennies, pounds, events, prizes ...

Yesterday, my gorgeous friend and CEO of Sebastian's action trust - Jane Gates OBE pledged the first £100

£100 is a lot of money, I absolutely wholeheartedly respect that and if you cannot pledge to do this then there are alternatives and some things you can do for free;-
SHARE our cause with another, shop via our easyfundraising tool, wear your tee, hoodie, band with pride, volunteer, ask a friend to help.....

Together we are trailblazers for the future, we are breaking the mould ... come be a continued part of #reubensjourney as "Everybody has something to bring to Reuben's Retreat"

Thank you for taking the time to read my huge blog and for being there for me, for my family, for our incredible team and for the families we meet and care for.

With the greatest respect for all that you are, for everything you do.

Inspired by Angels and working hand in hand every day with my Angel Son delivering his legacy.

Your grateful friend,

Reuben's Mummy

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