Return of the (Dave's) Mac (book)

Return of the (Dave's) Mac (book)

I will do ANYTHING (mainly) to raise money for a MacBook..1 stolen, 1 blown up in less than 2 years - no insurance paid out :(

We did it!

On 20th Mar 2016 we successfully raised £510 with 33 supporters in 56 days


BASICALLY, I'm VERY stupid and need help. I recently had my MacBook Pro stolen, just after I finished DJing at The Ritzy in Brixton and my insurance wont cover it (and I didn't have 'Find My Mac' turned on AND didn't have backups for about 13 years of work/music/photos - even though this is the most important tool of my working life - DJing/Designing SOOOO much on it - IDIOT IDIOT IDIOTTTT). This was coming a year and a half after my previous MacBook blew up, cos during another DJ session, someone ran into the stand my MacBook was balanced on and spilt a drink right into the sweet spot. Again, I wasn't covered for insurance.

It's all completely my fault (at least 90%, when I'm feeling REALLY defensive), but I really need some help this time. I've DJ'd/designed for free on many occassions and for the past couple of years I've been a reasonably nice person too, so I hope that helps my cause. 

To help raise more funds, I will draw any POP CULTURE ICON (or someone off Eastenders), do your washing up, walk your dogs, accept donations for mixtapes (i'm a decent enough DJ) and also accept donations for any DJ sets I'll be playing. I would offer a DVD of my best football commentary, but It's still in production.

I know it sounds all very selfish, self serving, arrogant, whingey, whiney - so I'm praying for the milk of human kindness to sweeten this cheap cup of tea (which is me). 

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