Retrospect: an unpublished account of WW1

Retrospect: an unpublished account of WW1

Publish 'Retrospect'; an untold story of the First World War in the Middle East

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The Story

Imagine a young man brushing aside the cobwebs in the loft of his Grandmother's house, trying to make more space amongst the piles of boxes, old carpets, bags and assorted junk collected over the years, so that a new generation of bits and pieces can be stored away. 

Amongst it all, a nondescript, pretty old, box that demands a little further investigation. Inside, he finds his Great Grandfather's handwritten retrospective account of the time he served in the Middle East during the First World War, simply entitled, 'Retrospect'.

Attached to the front of the manuscript was a letter, received from a publisher in the 1950s, which stated that, " Although (I) have no doubt that it would appeal to the older generation of readers, I feel the majority would think there is no real reason for bringing up the 1914 - 1918 war now", and that they saw no point in publishing anything further. 

A statement that seems ridiculous today, given the number of books published on WW1 and the lack of public focus on the war in the Middle East.

Now, that same young man, Henry Austwick, will take this original journal and combine it with other unseen material to bring you, 'Retrospect'. 

It is an amazing first-hand account of the War in the Middle East which takes the reader from the training camps at Aldershot to the landings at Gallipoli, then on to Egypt and finally to the gates of Jerusalem. Now seems the right time to bring his Great Grandfather's story to the world.

With your help, he can take this account out of the suitcase and on to the printed page for you to enjoy!


“Some 3 months later, in August, we made a new landing at Surla Bay. All the troops were new army divisions. Our landing was practically unopposed; all men went ashore with 2 full water bottles, and I will hazard a guess that by 9am there were mighty few water bottles which had a drop of water left in them.”

“I wonder how many folk who may have read of Gallipoli, and later Sinai and Palestine, realise what the River Nile in Egypt meant to us in 1915, ’16 and ’17, for practically all the water we used came from there.”

“Manpower problems became acute at times and one suggestion put forward was that the low-medical category men could well be used to drive motor lorries, which in those days had solid rubber tyres and open cabs. (The German lorries had steel tyres!).”

What’s in the book?

'Retrospect' with additions, notes & explanations

Foreword & notes by Henry Austwick

Other primary material

Maps and illustrations

What are the Perks?

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What is the money for?



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It is also hoped that there will be sufficient funds to enable the donation of copies to some libraries & museums.

About the Authors

Henry Austwick is a Historian, Film-maker and Swashbuckler! He is passionate about bringing different elements of the past to life. With 'Retrospect', he intends to showcase a forgotten part of WW1 in an account full of humour and intrigue. A true 'behind the scenes' glimpse at this theatre of war.


Following in the family tradition, Major G. E. Badcock, as he was at the time of 'Retrospect', was a career soldier and went on to attain the rank of Brigadier. (His Father was General Sir Alexander Robert Badcock K.C.B. C.S.I..) He was an accomplished writer and well respected military man of his day, having published several books about the logistics of the War in the Middle East to popular acclaim. He saw service throughout the world and, even after retiring, was recalled during the Second World War to be Director of Salvage.

 This project has been approved for funding through the Heritage + The Crowd match funding. It will receive a top up of 50% towards its fundraising target from Heritage Lottery Fund.

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