Retro12 indoor grow pod

by Mohamed Rabie in New Malden, England, United Kingdom

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I aim to offer people with no experience at all in gardening, the chance to grow their own clean and healthy food indoors.

by Mohamed Rabie in New Malden, England, United Kingdom

3 years ago I started to get interested in new ways to grow food.

I got so interested in Aquaponics and Hydroponics that, after lot of reading and research, I decided to fly to the University of Virgin Island to attend a course in how to build and operate a commercial size aquaponic system.

After finishing the course I constructed a commercial system in Sharm Elshiekh in Egypt, which is now an up-and-running aquaponic farm in the middle of one of the harshest desert environments. The farm is producing clean healthy plants, free of pesticides, and also producing fantastic and delicious fish.

Around this time I also started experimenting how to create an indoor grow pod which can be used in any living room or kitchen to grow fresh healthy greens for the whole family.

My pod (Retro12) is automated to turn the lights on and off for the plants, as required. It also shows the water level so you know when the water needs topping up. It monitors the most essential water parameters using a continuous PH and EC monitor so you can adjust accordingly using the solutions provided with the pod.

The Retro12, can accommodate twelve plants and its dimensions 60wX40dX22h cm

I wanted my pod to be elegant, and to add a touch h of class to every room. That is why it is built using real hand crafted wood.

I already have a fully functioning prototype and have already started to receive orders and get some interest in the pod. At the moment 15 units are in production, all of which are already reserved.

I would like to take the idea to the next level and start serious production and am looking for financial help to achieve that point.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£100 or more

30% discount

35% off on the Retro12 growing pod

£50 or more

Mix seed starter kit

receive a pack of 12 different seedling pots from liquid Leaf

£70 or more

Nutrients and pH control set

Receive a set of nutrient solutions and PH control solution

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