Retro Emporium Online - Toys and Games

Retro Emporium Online - Toys and Games

A Retro toy and game retailer hoping to create childhood memories and maybe bring back your childhood memories to share with your little one

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hi Im Ben and I am trying to get my Business off the ground.

Here is the sob story part. I have numerous health issues that have hindred my chance to work although I have previously worked in the retail sector. Due to these health isuues, I cannot have a job as it impacts on my health and causes problems that I have become accustomed to. I dont want to be sat at home not doing anything, I want to be a success and change my life.

One time while in hospital I got thinking about my childhood, how young and care free I was. How I was always active, always outside and always on the go. Playing with friends, building Den's, going for bike rides and generally doing what a kid should do. I remembered all the toys and games there was back then and how much enjoyment I and my friends got out of them. From Spud Guns to Space Hoppers, Skipping ropes to footballs. This got me thinking about todays Childrens lifestyles and how it is all apps and TV and Gaming consoles. Whatever they are doing, it usually ends up as them staring at a screen.

Childhood memories are one of the best memories you can have. A time when thoughts of Bills, Mortgages and careers are not even in the picture, its a time to be free and make you the person you grow up to be.

My business is to bring Toys and Games back into the spotlight and to get Kids up and off the sofa's, away from the iPhone and out into the big, wide world (or the back garden) To let them be active and to enjoy time with their friends.

Most toys and games nowadays are based on toys from the 80's and 90's and even the 70's, I mean, they were the best toys around and still are. The toys and games nowadays are still using the technology invented today but will aim to make children more active, more creative and more sociable. Iwant to be able to work and give myself the feeling of success and rewards but also to bring special memories to children and their families by making Toys and Games more affordable and easy to get hold off. I am an independent retailer, working from home so the savings I make on overheads etc can be passed onto the customers.

I just want to be able to work and succeed but without putting my health at risk.

Thank you for your time.