Retracing A Disappearing Landscape

Interdisciplinary Art Exhibition - Curated by Najlaa El-Ageli (Noon Arts Projects) - P21 Gallery

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'Retracing A Disappearing Landscape' is an exhibition scheduled to take place 29 March-15 May, 2018 at the P21 Gallery in London. The first of its kind internationally, it will bring artworks, installations, films, photography as well as a parallel programme of presentations that will see the participation of over 25 contemporary artists and distinguished professionals connected with Libya. Generously supported by the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture( AFAC), DARF Publishers and private individuals, we still need to raise funds to pay for shipping, printing, technical support, framing , travel and accommodation costs.

The six-week interdisciplinary art show will be exploring, on a deep and wide scale, people's direct experience of and fascination with memory and personal history relating to modern day Libya. It will also consider the often contested question of whether or not there is a collective national identity. Featuring the input of the artists - including film material provided by British Council Libya - and the professionals, this project promises to be a real eye-opener for guests and the general British public.

Confirmed artists and professionals: Najat Abeed, Mohammed Abumies, Huda Abuzeid, Mohamed Al Kharrubi, Takwa Barnosa, Mohamed Ben Khalifa, Najwa Binshatwan, Alla Budabbus, Malak Elghwel, Elham Ferjani, Yousef Fetis, Hadia Gana, Ghazi Gheblawi, Reem Gibriel, Jihan Kikhia, Marcella Mameli-Badi, Guy Martin, Arwa Massaoudi, Khaled Mattawa, Tawfik Naas, Laila Sharif, Najla Shawket Fitouri, Barbara Spadaro, Adam Styp-Rekowski.

The visual elements of the exhibition begin with the archetypal memories associated with the traditional Libyan family album, bringing images and scenes going back decades and as far back as the early 1900s. Whilst a second part will be featuring a great mix of visual media installation made up of contributions by the artists and the researchers with a close connection to Libya, whereby the works become the repository and witness to the country’s history.

Looking thus at the known and the unknown memories of Libya as a homeland, it is through the artistic input of its citizens – both at home and abroad – that the country is revealed to be a powerful force in their lives and still carried in their hearts, thoughts, minds and united psyche.  By sharing their unique stories, it is hoped for an intelligent and meaningful discourse on what makes this landscape what it is for its people and to share this with the wider UK public.

Running in parallel to the visual exhibition will be an extensive programme of panel discussions, presentations and film screenings that will also be held at the P21 Gallery. This will see many distinguished Libyan and non-Libyan artists, academics, writers, poets and even archaeologist who will each delve deeper into some of the pertinent topics regarding Libya's current artistic, intellectual, cultural and historical landscape.

Why the Crowd-Funding? We already have the valuable and generous support of the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC), some private individuals, and DARF Publishers that will cover the costs for the gallery, the exhibition preparations, the launch event and the general running of the six week show, including parts of the parallel programme. However, we are still short and need to raise an extra £6,000 to help us secure the costs for shipping, framing, technical support, travel, accommodation and commissioning some of the artworks.

Your backing will be highly appreciated as it will lend us the wider popular support we need for a truly unique undertaking - it being a novel and ambitious attempt to put together the artworks and contributions from our esteemed artists and guests in a setting outside of Libya.

Other Ways You Can Help: If you are unable to contribute to the crowd-funding, you can still help a lot by kindly spreading the word about the campaign and sharing this page with your contacts on social media and other ways. We highly value your support and thank you for visiting our page. We also sincerely hope to see you all at our show in March!

About Noon Arts Projects 

Circa 2012 Najlaa El-Ageli founded Noon Arts, a small private arts foundation, to explore the new burgeoning Libyan arts scene and creative movement. The aim was to spot and nurture the work of talented local artists and bring their work to the international stage.

This passionate endeavour has so far led to curating many exhibitions in the UK, Libya and Malta, which have all garnered great media coverage and exposure for the Libyan art scene. A big project also came in 2015 when Noon Arts was successfully commissioned to curate the Imago Mundi Libya catalogue for the Benetton Foundation based in Italy. 

Respected for the quality of her work through Noon Arts, Najlaa was also offered projects to curate the work of artists who hail from the wider Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. One of these led to the ‘Textural Threads’ exhibition in London, done in collaboration with Arts Canteen, that brought the work of six emerging female artists from the Arab world, as part of the Arab Women Artists Now (AWAN) Festival in March 2016.

Most recently in late 2017, Najlaa co-curated the highly acclaimed 'Pop Art from North Africa' exhibition. A six week long project held at the P21 Gallery in London, it brought the exciting output of fifteen creative individuals from North Africa, who were all inspired by the Pop Art movement. This latest show welcomed over two thousand visitors to the gallery, who all came to view the artworks and to attend the parallel programme that explored the Pop Art movement in relation to the North Africa region.

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