High Sea Spirits- Ireland to Islay

Resurrecting the World's Oldest Whisk(e)y region & trail.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Only 28 miles or 45 kilmoters seperate Ireland's North Coast from the Scottish Island of Islay. This region comprises the ancient Kingdom of Dal Riada and is the location for whisk(e)y or Uisce Bheath's first records. High Sea Spirits aims to resserect this region and promote it as the world's foremost location to appreciate the world's fastest growing brown spirit, whisk(e)y. We aim to do this by internationally promoting a regular tour starting in Belfast, visiting Ireland's North Coast (Bushmills Distillery) and then over to Islay (the home of peaty whiskies like Laphraoig & Ardbeg). On top of this we aim to work alongside scholars in the regions to uncover the history of this ancient region, its links to whiskey and ultimately discover the orginal site of distillation on our islands. The project will include regular videos, the production of a distillery map and the promotion & development of infrastructure on the route.

High Sea Spirits requires financial backing to: develop website through blog contributions from the region's foremost whisk(e)y experts, create a map of the region, participate in International whisky & travel fairs, officially launch programme with week long excursions to Islay and develop video content in order to promote maximum Search Engine Optimisation.

The project will be run by Sam MacDonald, a whisk(e)y fan with over 10 years experience working in the industry. A native of Northern Ireland who worked mostly in Scotch, Sam has always known of the historical & liquid link between Ireland's North Coast and the Scottish Hebrides.