Donations towards car park resurface.

by Sharon steele in Stoke On Trent, England, United Kingdom

Donations towards car park resurface.
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To raise money to help towards the repairs of church car park. They have offered to open it up to parents for the school run. Can you help??

by Sharon steele in Stoke On Trent, England, United Kingdom

Myself and my sister Lynsey Burke have set this up to help. 

We are from the local community, knypersley. 

We have a first school that doesn’t have any parking for parents. As you can imagine it causes a lot off traffic issues in a morning and afternoon.The church next to knypersley first school has offered to open up its car park to parents but it will need to be resurfaced before we can use it. This will obviously benefit the church and all who attend it regularly.

It would be great if people could help support the cost of this and will make everyone who uses the school a lot safer. 

We just thought it would be nice for us as a community to try and help raise some money so they can get it done quickly. 

If you read the update on the page it will tell you in detail more about the process. 

We can not do this on our own and hope to gain some support otherwise this Crowdfunder will fail. 

We are just trying to help. 

Below is a message from the church Pastor, it tells you more in depth about their situation. 

Hi Sharon,

This is Mark, I Pastor the church here with my wife Liz. I think it is very kind that you are looking to help in such a way.  We really appreciate the effort you have gone to to do this. We want to be a church that works with the community and it is very encouraging to see members of the community who also care for the local area.

I think it is very important for people to know what they are giving to and so want to give you some background to what we are doing.

We are both from the area and so know the situation around the school well.  We returned to Biddulph two years ago after spending 10 years in Slovakia and we took on the church.  We were made aware of the parking problem before we took over by the then Mayor of Biddulph.  We decided that we would try to help.  

Our plan was to give the school a key to our barrier so that the car park could be opened 15 minutes before and after pick up and drop off times.  That was, and still is our plan. We are a charity and so put the idea before our trustees and they have given their full support to the plan.

We investigated the details of this and our insurance company told us that we would be insured for this as long the car park was in good usable order.  We have done some preparation work using our own manpower, but the last two winters have made it clear that the car park is not currently in a condition to take the extra usage.  The surface is made of crushed stone and that has been worn away over time, causing a slippery surface in wet weather.

We hoped to resurface it by this September with more crushed stone.  However, problems with one of our buildings and our minibus has meant we are not yet in a position to do so.  We still intend to complete the plan, we need to do so for our own use as a church anyway.  Once it is completed we intend to allow the school to use it for pick up and drop off. (We already allow them to use it for one off events when they ask)

I was asked by a local councillor about the situation and so went to speak to the council.  The same councillor had suggested we go for a 'safer roads partnership grant' to speed up the process which we have done but haven't been successful yet. I went to explain our current situation to the council which was then reported in the local newspapers. I didn't actually ask for finance from them but their response was very positive to our plan and they may help with that.

In short, we will resurface the car park at some point, and when it is done we will contact the school so that it can be opened to parents as our desire is to work with the community on this and other projects. As long as the car park is used respectfully, which I believe it will be, then we intend to keep allowing parents to use it. As a church we are actively saving towards it, but any external support helps it to be done quicker.

Once again, thank you for thinking about us and if you ever wish to visit then you would be very welcome.

God Bless,


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