Restoring the Love into our High Street

We believe that our High Street can be lively with a strong community spirit and sense of belonging again. Help us restore the magic.

We did it!

On 16th Jul 2015 we successfully raised £4,355 with 95 supporters in 28 days

Who are we?

Love Restored is a small local independent business located in Kirkcaldy, Fife.  It is owned and managed by Lorraine and Nadia, two local Fife lassies.  We both have a passion for creating something new and exciting from something old and out of date, furniture in this particular case, but we want to apply this to our High Street in Kirkcaldy too. 

Our little hobby of hand painting used furniture and giving it a new lease of life has turned into a small local business with a drive and determination to deliver something new and unique for the shoppers and visitors of Kirkcaldy Town Centre.  


(L Front) Lorraine, (R front) Nadia and a hardy bunch of street supporters in the background.  

Our Vision

We believe that our High Street can be a lively and creative place with a strong community spirit and sense of belonging again. We want to refresh, regenerate and restore the High Street in Kirkcaldy by opening a new interactive shop within the heart of the town centre all to "get folk doon the toon again!"

Why save the High Street?

We all remember how our High Street used to be, dont we? A place where we caught up with friends and family and had a bite to eat or a cuppa, all whilst doing some shopping.  Any High Street in any town is remembered fondly and we believe they are in a unique position to deliver something special in these changing economic times.  

Our High Street in Kirkcaldy has been hit hard by a lot of factors but now it is our chance together to fight back and show that all is not lost and that we all can create positive change by doing positive and different things.


Looking down the High Street from the corner of Whytehouse Avenue/Charlotte Street, Kirkcaldy. 

How are we going to do it?

Having listened to the good folk of Fife there is a resounding yes that you want to use your High Street, but you just need something more exciting, more vibrant and more interesting to come to shop and spend time in.  

So this is where we want to help.  In today's society much emphasis is placed on convenience, but what about the experience and the social aspect of shopping for unique good quality affordable items for our homes and the opportunity to be sustainable and learn new skills. Attitudes are changing, as we all want to unleash our creative beast.

We Want You to Be Part of Our Vision

Working together we have an amazing opportunity to create a vibrant High Street and we have been given a great opening to place Love Restored right in the middle of the town centre at 189 High Street in Kirkcaldy. (The old ShoeZone shop at the corner of the High Street and Toolbooth Street).  The shop is ideally located and is sizeable enough to create a whole new shopping experience and we would love your help in kickstarting a positive and creative drive to help our High Street thrive once again. 

The Concept and Idea

The new shop will still continue to provide unique one off pieces of hand painted furniture and stock Chalk Paint™ decorative paint by Annie Sloan and accessories, but we want to improve on this experience.  We want to create an interior home inspired shop which will house fabrics and amazing pieces of furniture to give you great ideas to style your home, but it will also include space to hold workshops where you can learn to paint furniture, stitch a cushion and create a lampshade, all of which will be visible within the shop so you can interact, learn and experience creative shopping at a whole new level.  

We also acknowledge that there is a huge amount of talented makers out there and by providing a little shop within our shop, like a "POPiN" shop as opposed to a popup shop.  We want to provide space for you to market and trade your own products, providing a home to high street platform.  This we hope will act as a catalyst for new and budding businesses to relocate to shops within our High Street in the future.  

At this point you may be asking where do I come in?


Like with any venture it will need funding and in today's current climate that is not an easy task but we are hopeful.  Don't worry we wont be asking for something for nothing as we love giving back. We will be offering great rewards in return for your financial pledges of support. You can pledge between £10 and £1000 and in return we will offer rewards for you.  All our rewards are to the right, but here is a READY RECKONER for you. 

Like and Share

It would be great too if you could spread the word by sharing our Crowdfunding platform to your family, your friends and anyone you think who cares and shares our vision for the High Street (please see the links above).  A pledge can be as little as £5 to £500+, the more you pledge the bigger the reward. Or if you are happy to pledge a little something or just share with friends, then we are happy with that too. Rewards will include Annie Sloan painter packs, discounts in store or one to one workshops with Love Restored and much more.

Target and Outcome

Our target from crowdfunding is £10,000 and this platform is an all or nothing target, so if we don’t reach £10,000 in 30 days we won’t receive any of the money pledged. This money will help create and fund the equipment and fit out costs of the workshop hub space and part fund the POPiN shop space within Love Restored, both of which are key to supporting the interactive and entrepreneurial support element of the shop.   

"Please support us, we believe we can make a difference. The £10,000 raised through crowdfunding will enable us to launch the creative, learning workshop in our new shop. Give people new skills and knowledge as well as creating something truly unique on our High Street." Lorraine and Nadia, Love Restored.   

Team Lorraine and Nadia are what Kirkcaldy needs!  Supporting bricks and mortar shops for the local community in a lively, creative way.  That's my philosophy too!!"  Annie Sloan, founder and owner of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® "The Home of Chalk Paint"


"Your help and support can make a huge difference to our High Street and we would like to thank you for taking the time to read and watch our Crowdfunder Project. Love Lorraine and Nadia. LRx"


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