Renewing the Local Forest of Farakla Evia Greece

by Irene Noel-Baker in Greece

Renewing the Local Forest of Farakla Evia Greece


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August fires destroyed all the pine forests in the Northernmost part of Evia. We want to help revive the forest and Farakla village

by Irene Noel-Baker in Greece

New stretch target

Once the anti-erosion work is completed and we have compensated the villagers for the loss of their bees, sheep and chickens, we will begin to plant cypress trees around the fields to slow the wind and potential fires, plant herbs and indigenous plants for the bees, creating a nursery to propagate such herbs and plants, plant fruit trees near the village, and experiment with different types of trees in a designated area. The aim is to encourage a diversity of flora and fauna in the forest and develop the forest as a local resource and source of employment. Visitors will be invited to help with planting, and to learn about forest maintenance and local industry, cheese-making, wine-making, bee-keeping and the natural properties of different types of trees and bushes. 


Short term - Prevent Erosion and flooding.   On steep slopes loggers will cut the dead pine. Trunks will lie flat propped against tree stumps, gaps filled with branches.


New growth of indigenous oaks and other deciduous trees kept clear of excessive undergrowth, pruned and protected for the first few years from footfall and grazing. 


Medium term: Clearings in the forest, tracks and pathways kept open. The remaining burnt pine sold to provide funds for long term forest maintenance and employment. Indigenous herbs and trees protected for bee habitat. Wind and fire retardant trees to be planted around the fields and the village creating a pine free zone.


Support for the Local Community: Small amounts to previously self-sufficient villagers for replacement of chickens, sheep, bee-hives and pens burnt in the fire. Unlimited provision of fire-wood for the winter. Help to cut and stack wood for those unable to do so. Employment - community resource - sustainable tourism.


These plans are in keeping with Greek government guidelines for bringing life back to the indigenous, mixed forests of Evia, and preventing such a disaster ever happening again.  


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We'll keep you updated with pictures of the first oak leaves and the first wild flowers to come back after the fires, and we will introduce you in stages to all the people involved. You are most welcome to come and visit us in Farakla at any time.

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