Restoring a Classic Clinker Rowing Boat - Thank U.

by Jenna Lane in Flushing, England, United Kingdom

Restoring a Classic Clinker Rowing Boat - Thank U.


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This classic rowing boat was given to me but in spite of my dad, a local guy and my work it desperately needs repair before I can row it.

by Jenna Lane in Flushing, England, United Kingdom

I was given this rowing boat in 2014 and my boyfriend at the time said it would be like a chain around my neck. Nice opener. My dad had found it in a shed at a scrapyards in North Wales and it had dried out. He repaired it in places and I put it on a beach where I lived in Flushing, Cornwall. 

One day word went round the pub that the people who manage that beach had overhauled the outhauls and that if we hadn't paid up our boats would be removed. I phoned them up paid the invoice and the very next day my boat went missing. We went up the river in the dark, looking for it and phoned the management company; it had been taken 'by mistake'. It had been handled roughly and I paid a local guy to do some necessary repairs. He charged me very little because I didn't have much and he liked the boat. At the same time I used a heat gun to remove 3 layers of paint, some domestic, filled holes and made it sparkle.

We had some nice ventures on the Penryn River and up to Kiln Quay.

In 2016, I left Flushing and was forced to take it out of the water as I was unable to check it and bail it as regularly as I would like. The following Spring I repeated the paint job and put her back in the water but I had poured freshwater on her to stop her from drying out and she had slipped off her supports and the sheerstrake (top plank) had gotten soggy. I did however manage to row out past the docks and a good way to a well known mark; Black Rock. 

After that and on close inspection, I was worried about the integrity of her structure and the boat has since sat, forlorn and un-rowed for over a year. I've spoken with a number of local craftspeople about getting her fixed but quotes were very expensive and someone said she it was economically not viable to get someone else to do the work. There have been times when I've thought about selling her but I really enjoy rowing and many have admired her so I couldn't let her turn into a pile of firewood or garden furniture.

So, I have enlisted the help of a new guy and the project is on. I am going to do as much of the simple work I can and learn from him at the same time. It is costly though; I will be replacing oak with oak and I can't wait to get her back on the water! Your help would be very much appreciated. I am just seeing if I can take people out for a row in return for their donations.

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