Restore The Draycott Tap House

by Haydn Bowley in Draycott, England, United Kingdom

Restore The Draycott Tap House
We did it
On 20th August 2021 we successfully raised £3,301 with 97 supporters in 28 days

We aim to restore the Tap House by raising enough funds to refit the stud wall and create a better experience for our loyal customers.

by Haydn Bowley in Draycott, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Beyond the stud wall, there are a few things that could really take the tap house to that next level... 

1) To install a metal drip tray under the new beer rack to replace the buckets we currently use — £450

2) To insulate the chill room so it runs more efficiently and by proxy, it is kinder to the environment — £250

4) To replace all the old second-hand bars stools with new traditional bar (pump) stools — £250 

5) To update the display board that showcases the selection of drinks and food on offer — £200

6) To add an outdoor storage unit, which will improve space for the staff at the back of the tap house — £200

The big dream… 

My big dream would be to have a facility outback, that would comply with the council, where I could produce smoked foods to sell in the tap house and host “Slap-up American BBQs” for all the great customers of our community  — £3000

1626986609_177257537_2943782985894378_5690132429013733752_n.jpgHi, I'm Greg and I founded the Draycott Tap House Ltd. The tap house is a retirement project of mine that started in a garden shed and quickly moved to the current location in Dale Abbey at The Old Farm Shop on Ladywood Lodge Farm. Nice peaceful location with a windmill in the background. Who could ask for anything more!

The Draycott Tap House was opened on 1st March 2017. Its unique location in the heart of the village of Draycott in an old Victorian shop is perfect for the real-ale drinker. Now in its 5th year of operation, The Draycott Tap House serves up to 6 real ales, 10 ciders, 75 whiskies, 10 gins, and a vast variety of wines. Oh, and there is the smoked cheese as well. Where else can you find that sort of selection with a great vibe? Only at The Draycott Tap House.


However, right now I am tapped out (excuse the pun). Due to the pandemic, after financially keeping things going through the last year and a half, I spent the last of my money (about £1,000) on the recent redecoration of the pub for it to be open only 1.5 weeks. 


After a building inspector discovered a 7-foot-deep cellar (Old Victorian buildings are full of surprises) under the Tap House no one knew about, I have had to remove the flooring for them to be able to inspect the joists and possibly have new joists and floors laid.

In a positive turn of events, my landlord is fixing the new floor, however, it still leaves me with replacing the stud walls, which I put in. It will cost around £2,000 to put the stud walls back (which the insurance doesn't cover) when the floor has been completed and to be right to the point, I don't have £2k. 


So, following the positive reaction from the local and international community, I've started a crowdfunding page to raise these necessary funds and hopefully return your kindness in the form of some great rewards.


Below I've hopefully answered some general questions that may be passing through your mind, however, if you have any further questions, please contact me and we'll be happy to answer them.

What do you need to raise?

I need to raise an absolute minimum of £2k to help pay for a restoration of the stud wall in the Tap House. Any extra funds raised can help improve the customer experience and even make one of my retirement dreams come true (read more below).

Why crowdfund?

I love having a local community and hopefully, through crowdfunding, I'll be able to bring back a locally loved tap house to the great community of Draycott in Derbyshire. 

If you don’t raise enough funds will it happen? 

Probably not. I have to minimise risks to make it achievable, so if you can support the Tap House in any way, it will be greatly appreciated.

Can I get a reward as a gift for someone? 

Of course! A lot of the rewards have no time limit so you can get them as a voucher for a birthday, Christmas, an anniversary, or just a general gift.

I live overseas, what rewards can I receive?

I've tried to make loads of rewards available to everyone, so hopefully, you can find one that is best suited for you.

I'm not able to support the campaign, what can I do?

If you can't support the campaign there are other ways to get involved. By sharing this campaign with your friends, lending a helping hand (if you are local), or even sending a warm message of good luck, we appreciate all the support you can give.

Thanks so much for your support and don't forget to check out the rewards.

- See you soon, Greg.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£100 or more

10 of 20 claimed

Engraved Glass Stein + Beer naming entry

Have your very own engraved glass beer stein hanging above the bar, ready for your next drink. You'll also receive one entry into a raffle to win a beer named after you, plus perks from "Be a Champion".

£1 or more

Be a Champion

Pledge £1 or more and your name will be featured on the "Champions", which will sit proudly in The Draycott Tap House as a thank you for your support. You will also receive a 5% discount card for life! And finally, Greg will host an “A slap-up American BBQ” at the tap house to say thank you to everyone.

£15 or more

Win a Pack of Mixed Beers (3 Beers)

You will receive one entry into a raffle to win a Pack of mixed Draycott Tap House beer. They are 5 packs in total to win, so get entering! (one winner per pack). Plus, perks from "Be a Champion".

£30 or more

Win a Case of Mixed Beers (12 Beers)

You will receive one entry into a raffle to win a case (12 beers) of mixed Draycott Tap House beer. They are 5 cases in total to win, so get entering! (one winner per case). Plus, perks from "Be a Champion".

£45 or more

Beer tasting evening of unreleased beers!

Be the first to try the new beers Pittsburgh porter, Heisenberg's Principle, Hell's Gatekeeper in an evening of beer tasting with Greg. Smoked cheeses and nibbles will be provided. Plus, perks from "Be a Champion".

£55 or more

Svvasky tasting evening

An evening of tasting the infamous "Svassky" tasting with Greg. Smoked cheeses and nibbles will be provided. Plus, perks from "Be a Champion".

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