Restore famliy owned Mk1 cortina.

by David Critchley in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

Restore famliy owned Mk1 cortina.
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Finish restore before my folks pass on. My mum is 90 and my dad 91. So that makes me a very lucky boy eh!????

by David Critchley in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

I was given this car when I was 17 from my uncle Gerald. Mum's brother. That was back in 1977. My uncle who was deaf had stopped driving and gifted it to me. My uncle died a few years later. I brought it back to near new condition and drove it with pride for a few years. I was married a couple of years later. When our first son was born I had to get a 4 door family car. I drove the cortina mk1 into my dad's garage and left it, with all good intensions of using it again. Unfortunately life got in the way of that happening. I worked an average of 60/70 hours a week for most my working life. Then my love of motorcycles took over. So fast forward to 2005. Yes it's still in the garage. About 24 years to this point so I thought it would be lovely to restore the car to it's former glory, so my parents could see it again. So i got stuck in. Striped it down, removed all the paint and sealer from body and underside. Right then! time to rebuild! However it wasn't to be as I crashed my bike causing many serious injuries. Fast forward again 2014. Started rebuild new under seal done. All brake pipes, cylinders, calipers and discs replaced. Engine block done and fitted back in. However now I'm stuck. I'm so close to finishing this but I'm 1500 pounds short. It's for all the engine ancillery parts. I'm desperate for help. I need to finish this before it's to late for my folks to see it again. It's been in the garage for near 40 years please help me back on the road. Thank you from all our family.

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