Restore mum and dads faith in humanity

by Mumndad in Coalville, England, United Kingdom

Restore mum and dads faith in humanity
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To restore my mum and dads faith in humanity

by Mumndad in Coalville, England, United Kingdom

My mum was out shopping, she went to a couple of shops and paid for her goods. She then went into another shop and when she went to pay this time, she realised that her purse was gone. The police were contacted and so were the bank. Unfortunately whoever took her purse, drained her bank account and also my dads, he has dementia. My mum is distraught, they won’t be getting any of their money back. My mum kept her’s and my dad’s PIN numbers in her purse, so technically it’s her own fault. She suffers also with memory loss, hence PIN numbers being in her purse. I didn’t know this and would of tried to persuade her not to keep them in her purse if I had.

So, any money raised will obviously be given to my parents, both who have worked hard all of their lives. They literally have no money left whatsoever. I’m helping as much as possible but I have a family and am only on minimum wage so it’s difficult.

Please if anyone can afford even the smallest of donations, it will truly restore mine and my mum and dads faith in humanity. 

The police have said that there isn’t much they can do and if the thieves are identified they will only get a caution. How is this fair, we pay taxes so the police can do their job but it’s not good enough. This is why crimes of this nature occur. The criminals know they will basically get away with it and they are right. A telling off, a warning not to do it again. They are laughing in our faces and are back out on the streets doing it again. I am fuming, distraught, saddened, disgusted  and disappointed.

As my dad has dimentia, my mum has to constantly explain to him what’s happened and why they have no money. This is really upsetting for them both because my mum really doesn’t want to have to keep going over it but has no choice and my poor dad is so devastated when he’s told but then a day or so later when he’s forgot about it, they both have to go through the awful devastation again. It’s so sad, if I can manage to raise £700, this replaces what was taken from my dad only but at least my mum no longer has to keep explaining to him what happened and he’s not left devastated daily.

Thank you infinitely for taking the time to read and donate Xxx

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