Restoration of Ice House

by croxtethparkvolunteergroup in Liverpool, Merseyside, England

Restoration of Ice House

We want to restore and protect the Ice House, one of the few remaining in the UK

by croxtethparkvolunteergroup in Liverpool, Merseyside, England


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The Ice House at Croxteth is a building which was built probably at the end of the 18th century. It is mainly underground but can be located by a mound of earth over the top

The entrance to the ice house is through a narrow passage which opens into the ice chamber. Its purpose was to provide cold storage and ice for the Molyneux family, the owners of Croxteth Park and Hall. Before the invention of the refrigerator the only way to obtain ice was to use that which formed naturally in cold weather in the winter, and also snow. The ice was collected from the nearby ponds and poured by the barrow load into the deep chamber. The surface of the ice was then covered by sacking , straw or other insulating materials to help keep it cold and frozen, additionally ice was imported regularly from Scandinavia.

Over the years most ice houses have collapsed or been demolished. Others have been filled in or used for storage purposes but of those that survive many have been conserved and opened for public viewing such as the one at Mosely Park in the Midlands. We aim to restore the Ice House at Croxteth and open it for public viewing and maintain this historic building.

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