REST IN FLEECE - woollen coffin

by info in Somerset

REST IN FLEECE - woollen coffin
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Raise funds to create a prototype of the most beautiful, luxurious environmentally kind and conscientious coffin combining willow and wool.

by info in Somerset

Project aim

Raise funds to create a prototype of the most beautiful, luxurious environmentally kind and conscientious coffin combining willow and wool.

About the project

I am marrying willow and wool to create the most loving, beautiful and unique coffin available. I am creating a new and improved Burial Cloud - an innovative woollen coffin- combining wonderful aspects of willow and wool to create something truly special, practical and stunning so more people may benefit from this unique idea. I am working to create stunning, unique and handmade coffins that use local skills and materials, that have minimal environmental impact and are loving and kind to the bereaved as well as the earth. 

What You Are Funding:
With the money raised I will purchase wool to make stock and pay a local weaver to create handwoven, internal willow skeleton to provide the practical support and transformation this product needs to make it outstanding and revolutionary. I will also fund my stall at the british wool show in august to launch this incredible product. 
A big part of my vision is supporting this growing movement of people taking the responsibility, choice and power around funeral planning and burial back from the funeral industry and I want to encourage and provide opportunities for people to create unique, hand crafted pieces for themselves and loved ones in the future by weaving their own and offering many personalisation options. First I have to get this prototype finished and launched - Please help me transform my mothers idea into a incredible reality!
The Birth Of Rest in Fleece - the story of the Burial Cloud
Rest In Fleece has been in the pipeline since 2012. I got caught up having a my first and most amazing baby! But now I have settled into my new role as a mum and I am refocusing on creating and sharing these brilliant products with the world. I want to share with you the intimate family story behind the creation of Rest in Fleece and why it is so dear to my heart. 
My baby in a sunbeam
While working as an end of life carer my mother developed the Original Burial Cloud, many of her clients had expressed a dread of being 'buried in a box' so she drew on her experience as a weaver to come up with a more appealing coffin, something that is more comforting and loving for everyone involved.

PictureMy mum with her Clouds

 I had the opportunity to get first hand experience with the Cloud in 2012 when my mum passed away unexpectedly. Having a loved one
pass away is always difficult, when its before their time, sudden and you are unable to say goodbye it can feel so hard and unfair. As I prepared myself to see her for the final time I didn't really know what to expect. 
I was greeted by a peaceful sight; in a small chapel, surrounded by flowers and candles in a soft cloud of pure white lay my mum. It seemed like such a natural way to see her, snuggled in wool and looking peaceful, the warmth of the wool also helped to offset the startling coldness of her body and made it easier to hold her and truly say goodbye in a natural, loving hug.

As her oldest child I arranged her funeral, having never done anything like that before I had no idea what I should do, I thought about doing some research and finding out what 'the done thing' is. Then I thought about my mum, I really wanted to honour her and celebrate her unique life and really no-one could tell me how to do that. So I went with how I felt and what I thought she would have enjoyed, I wanted it to be a celebration of her life and a healing for those whose lives she touched and left behind.  I feel compelled to share this experience to inspire others to think outside the box, the courage to follow their heart and to hopefully find ways to truly honour their loved ones while finding some peace and healing for themselves. 

Stunning Kinnersley Castle
Amazing Yurt by Castle Yurts

We used the beautiful Kinnersley Castle in Herefordshire. I invited everyone to wear bright colours, bring a dish of food and their memories to share. I used a stunning yurt space to create a shrine of remembrance next to a table holding a Cloud surrounded by flowers. The morning we spent sharing stories of how she had touched our lives, things we would miss and experiences we had shared, it was a beautiful thing to be a part of and healing to hear how loved and appreciated she was. Afterwards we feasted on all the fantastic food everyone had brought and then left people to connect while the family went to the lovely Humber Woodland of Remembrance for the burial. 
In the beautiful natural setting of a young woodland springing to life, with blue sky and sunshine, if a little windy (its England - just glad it wasn't raining!) we gathered together to bury her. It seemed natural to lay her to rest among trees and flowers in a warm, soft cocoon of wool, surrounded by people that loved her and I was truly grateful to have been able to have such a loving and kind experience under such sad circumstances. At the end of the day I got the highest compliment possible, as my grandmother told me how much healing she felt she got from the experience and how amazing it was for her to hear how her daughter had touched so many lives and how missed she will be.
Humber Woodland of Rememberance
After such an amazing experience with the Burial Cloud myself, I want to offer others the chance to share in this kind, natural and loving way to say goodbye. I created Rest In Fleece to bring these amazing products to a wider audience and in the hope that I can continue to honour my mothers vision and in some way help improve our cultures feeling and attitude towards death, in the hope it becomes more healthy and wholesome experience for all.   
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