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Battling London's growing lethal air pollution - with Green, Effective & Trendy Moss products!

by Riz Nasrullah in London, Greater London, England

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Air pollution in London

Air pollution is one of the world's invisible killers. It causes seven million premature deaths a year, making it the largest single environmental health risk, (according to the World Health Organization). 

Not a single area of London meets World Health Organisation health standards of air quality. Nearly 95% of the capital is exceeding these guidelines by at least 50%. 

One well-established way to reduce air pollutants is to plant trees, as their leaves catch and absorb harmful particulates - but planting new trees is not always a viable option.

To improve London air quality - RESPIRE supplies Moss products of differing sizes. 

Moss usually grows in mountain forests and moors. It stores water and nutrients from rain and air - and can "eat up” air pollution. Pollutants cling to the sticky surface of the moss and are then, (thanks to bacteria!), converted into the biomass of the plant. A Moss wall for instance can filter as many particulates out of the air as 200 trees.

Products will range from 'Table Moss' to  grand 'Moss walls' which have an amazing filter of harmful pollutants out of the air.

The two Moss species chosen (Ceratodon purpureus and Racomitrium canescens) used for the products will be  specifically bred to filter and degrade fine particulate matter.

With Moss products being atheistically appealing along with the external benefits to a consumer in improvement of local air quality, we see a sizeable demand in Londoners improving their environment in a very trendy, and easy way!

Our Moss products can be situated internally or externally to a building. 

The ask:

We are crowdfunding in order to make the Moss product prototypes! 

Exemplar designs are shown below.


Exemplar designs, with a brief caption of a suggested setting of the Moss product. 

On a table....

In the Office...

With a desk...

In the living room...

On a passage wall...

And finally...with a bed...


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