This project will allow 200 children & community members to take part in Plymouth's Respect Festival parade extravaganza & workshops.

We did it!

On 4th May 2018 we successfully raised £7,410 of £6,000 target with 65 supporters in 35 days

New stretch target

Let's raise another £2000 to run Bhangra workshops in school.                 

What is our project?

Plymouth's Respect Festival parade and workshops will enable 200 children & community members to take part in this brilliant homegrown event: participating in workshops that make costumes/ artwork and most importantly raise awareness of our great diverse community. Our free Respect Festival is routinely attended by thousands of people and provides a great, safe, space in which communities can come and celebrate and share their cultures.   This year to celebrate 20 years we are working with the Barbican Theatre to make the parade extra, extra special. 

This is an all or nothing project so please help us reach our target!

Parade theme

This year's theme is Saints and Strangers ...a term borrowed from the pilgrim story but given a touch of PDREC magic.   A stranger in our eyes... is a saint that is unrecognised . Our dream is that we will have a parade full of unsung local heroes with each school and community honouring someone who is special to them!  

What the money buys?

We do two really important things when we organise a parade.  Firstly we make the props and costumes for the big day, with the children and community groups.  Secondly we deliver a diversity awareness programme too.   We teach young people to look past the colour of someone's skin, disability or sexuality and see the person for the content of their character.  Did you know... Plymouth is a city of 90+ languages?  The Respect Parade is a platform to celebrate the diversity of our city but also teach young people about respect.    

Why Respect?

The Respect  Festival is run by Plymouth and Devon  Racial Equality Council.
PDREC is an independent and impartial registered charity working across Plymouth, Exeter and Devon to promote equality of opportunity and towards eliminating racial discrimination. 
We need this now more than ever. Since Brexit hate crime has surged in the UK by 42%.  Many of our Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities and individuals, (including those from Eastern Europe) have expressed feelings of hurt, fear and bewilderment at the apparent rise in xenophobia and racism following the decision to leave the EU.  We have a lot of work to do!   Help us help make Plymouth a kinder and more compassionate city. 

Our budget

£6000 will pay for workshop leaders, materials, transport, marketing and refreshments for 7 schools and community groups.   

Who will benefit?

Schools signed up include Stuart Road Primary, Plymouth School of Creative Arts, High View Primary, Beachwood Primary, Oakwood Primary,  Weston Mill Primary and The Highbury Trust but more will come on board.   Over 200 children  and community members will benefit first hand from this funding but don't forget the thousands of people who will enjoy the parade performance this summer on Saturday July 14th, 2018.  We are very grateful for any donation big or small!  Every little counts.   

When and where?



"Our students love taking part in the Respect Festival workshop and the festival itself.  They have the opportunity to reflect on diversity and inclusivity but more importantly how we share common ground with people from different cultures. Respect is also central to British Values, which is now embedded in the school curriculum. Therefore, this is a hands-on approach to practising these values.

When participating in the workshops, our students have always enjoyed learning new skills, exploring different materials and expressing their creativity. Along side this, they appreciate the social aspects of the workshops, such as, talking to new people.

The parade itself is a magical event. Our students are always so proud to take part. This is fantastic, self esteem building activity. Often, their parents, carers and siblings take part so the benefits of the Respect Festival spread beyond our school. In addition to this, it's a great family day out! "

Mirella Paganuzzi (Brook Green Centre for Learning)


"High View school has been involved in the Respect Festival for several years and it represents an important part of our SMSC curriculum.  During our workshops, children are immersed in multicultural artwork and during the parade, parents join the children and staff to show off their creations with great pride. 

This is very special and valued by all, as it also serves as an important message to our school community about the value of respect, tolerance and multi cultural awareness."

Kim Dorian-Kemp - Headteacher , NLE

High View Primary


"The Respect festival has enabled our children to work together on unique projects, tailored to fit our school curriculum or the children interests. The children have been introduced to new and interesting ideas about other cultures such as the Indian tribes in North America and the injustices they suffered. They have furthered their global understanding and begun to understand their own cultural identity. Particularly important is the sense of community which comes from the street parades, when all the groups involved come together to share their creations. The children talk about these events long after the day and for Beechwood Primary Academy, we feel that we have made a positive contribution towards a city wide project which promotes a healthy attitude to differences in society."

Mrs Lisa Evans

Head of School - Beechwood Primary Academy

A big thank you to Pulse Studio for sharing their festival footage with us so we can make this crowdfunder video.

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