Resilience Boxes: Thriving Families

by Children 1st in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Resilience Boxes: Thriving Families


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Support the wellbeing of Edinburgh families by helping us buy Resilience Boxes; a tool for better emotional health.

by Children 1st in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

The families we support in Edinburgh have been affected by a range of traumas such as severe poverty, neglect and poor mental health. We need to raise £3,000 in order to provide 50 families with a Resilience Box. 

What is a Resilience Box?

Resilience Boxes are an incredible new initiative developed by our frontline workers in the Edinburgh Family Wellbeing Service in partnership with families. The boxes contain a collection simple items such as craft resources, recognition awards, journals and seed pots and much more. Each box is put together for a specific family with careful thought around the outcomes the family is looking to achieve with their Children 1st support worker.

Each item relates to important themes in developing strong emotional health, such as nurture, communication, creativity, reflection and memory. These boxes give families the toolbox to improve their wellbeing and emotional health by allowing them to communicate and engage around difficult issues. 

This new initiative needs funding to directly help families, and to provide us with the evidence to leverage more funding in future to allow us to deliver these boxes to more and more families.

Who are we?

We are Children 1st.  

We help Scotland’s families to put children first, with practical advice and support in difficult times. When the worst happens we support survivors of abuse, neglect, and other traumatic events in childhood to recover. We are determined each child has reasons to smile. And we’ll work alongside whoever shares that aim. 

Children 1st Edinburgh Family Wellbeing Service supports children and families living in several areas across the city. Many of these are well known to be affected by deprivation, poverty and multiple disadvantages. 

We work alongside each family to develop and agree a plan of support centred on the needs of their children within the context of the whole family.  

The challenge

Lockdown was a difficult and scary time for every family. No amount of Zoom quizzes and garden gate chats could replace our friends and family; loved ones had never felt further away. For families on low incomes, struggling to cope with additional pressures such as mental health issues, the reality of these last few months has been terrifying. 

As the country begins to open up again and restrictions begin to ease, we are not returning to normal. The nation’s mental health and wellbeing has been deeply affected, and so now we are asking you to help us give families the tools to regain control of their own wellbeing. 

What we know these boxes can do for families

As we begin to move into repairing and recovering from the impact of both the virus and the lockdown, you can help give families the tools and the resources they need to shape and protect their own mental health. 

Resilience Boxes have been put together to give families the tools to improve the mental health of both parents and children and offer ways of opening up communication. 

Each box is created for the specific needs of the family, but can include:


These boxes not only have value as we recover from the impact of the Coronavirus, but for families recovering from the affects of trauma and adversity, these boxes give families the resources they need to explore their own coping strategies. 

Please help us invest in empowering families to regain control of their own mental health and wellbeing by donating £30 or as much as you can to our crowdfunding initiative.

How can you help?

DONATE – Give what you can to provide boxes for families in Edinburgh.  Your money will help us build these boxes, and to gather evidence to secure greater funding for more boxes.

TELL EVERYONE - If you love our idea then please tell your friends and family and anyone else you know. The more people that know about our Resilience Boxes the more donations we can get.

SHARING IS CARING – Research into crowdfunding campaigns suggests that every share on social media will raise around £20. So please share our project on your social media networks and help us reach our goal. 


Let's make 'Resilience Boxes: Thriving Families' happen

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