Helping feed families affected by COVID-19

by RESI in Guatemala


raised in 55 days



Help us feed 500 families from marginalised communities that are most vulnerable to the effects of COVID-19 in Guatemala City

by RESI in Guatemala

New stretch target

Support more families.

How much to donate?

Whatever you can!

100% of the money we raise will be used to help buy the contents of the food baskets. Each basket is valued at £45/€50/$60 and it contains food products that guarantee the nutritional security for a family of six members for a full month.

About us

We are the official RESI ambassadors based in different parts of the world and our goal is to help raise £2,500 / €2,800 / $3,340 which will allow us to help feed 55 families for 30 days.

United Kingdom Ambassadors 

My name is Luisa, I am a Guatemalan based in Glasgow. Being part of RESI is giving me the opportunity to help Guatemalans and contribute to my country from Scotland.

I am Tracy, a Guatemalan designer living in London. My passion to give back to the community and to create a positive impact in society motivated me to join RESI and offer to help in whatever way I could, even if at a 5,443 mile distance.

France Ambassador 

Bonjour, je m'appelle Coralie, je suis française. En mars 2020 je suis partie voyager à vélo au Guatemala, c'est de cette manière que j'ai découvert l'organisation RESI. J'étais sur place au début de la crise du COVID19 et j'ai compris à quel point les familles des quartiers défavorisés avaient besoin d'aide, c'est pour cela que je me suis portée volontaire. Je suis persuadée que nos forces réunis peuvent accomplir de grandes choses. 

Germany Ambassador 

My name is Claudia, Guatemalan architect based in Munich, Germany. RESI is giving me the opportunity to serve the most vulnerable people in my home city by putting my own solidarity in motion. 

United States Ambassador 

My name is Sofia, I am from Guatemala and currently living in NYC. I want to help RESI get more financial resources to continue working and expand the universe of families that are benefited from this initiative.

The Netherlands Ambassador

I am Alejandra, born in Guatemala City and currently living in Amsterdam. I am supporting RESI because I believe that together we can make a difference to those in need.

Note: If you are based in The Netherlands, you can donate here using Maestro, or scan the code below and I will transfer the money to our main account and include your name in the supporters list.


Norway Ambassador

I'm Mariandre. I hold a deep respect for nature and am enthusiastic about projects that are related to human development. Currently, I'm working with recycling in Norway and I'm is happy to contribute to any initiative that impacts my home country in a positive way; in this case, RESI.

Sweden Ambassador

Hej! I’m Stephanie, a  Guatemalan working as an interior architect in Stockholm, Sweden. After learning about RESI, I was immediately inspired to get involved and make a difference to my community. That’s exactly why I feel so honoured to now be a part of RESI, and look forward to joining forces with my fellow Guatemalans around the world in order to contribute to the organisation’s amazing cause.

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Luisa, Tracy, Coralie, Claudia, Sofia, Alejandra, Mariandre & Stephanie

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