Rescued Birds of Prey

by Cornish Birds of Prey CIC in Winnards Perch, England, United Kingdom


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To be able to offer our rescued birds lovely new accommodation that they so deserve :-)

by Cornish Birds of Prey CIC in Winnards Perch, England, United Kingdom

At the Cornish Birds of Prey Centre, we are passionate about providing a caring home for mistreated, unwanted, injured and neglected birds of prey whether from private owners or from the wild.

Many commercial centres breed and sell birds for profit to fund their organisation.  This goes entirely against our ethos and only assists in creating a bigger problem.  In recent years the influence of movies, media and financially lucrative markets has increased the number of unwanted birds.

Our funding comes entirely from our generous visitors, sponsors and donors.  We provide a permanent, caring safe haven for each and every bird or animal currently in our care now and in the future.

Our immediate project is the refurbishment and rebuilding of our aviaries, which have seen better days. This would also allow us to help more birds requesting our assistance.  Thus, we are making a humble request to try and help us out.

As you can see from the picture below, the aviaries are looking very tired and in need of updating.1606308257_old_aviary_block.jpg

Below is the block we completed at the beginning of this year just before Lockdown hit us and we were forced to close our doors by the government. 

We are extremely lucky in the fact that we do not have any contractors to pay, as Andy has built them all himself (with the help from our fantastic volunteers).1606307993_new_aviaries_horse_shoe.jpg

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