rescue Yazmyn Hendrix

Yazmyn Hendrix is an innovative dinger songwriter based in Brighton. she had all her equipment stolen. please help her replace it

We did it!

On 27th Mar 2016 we successfully raised £70 with 6 supporters in 14 days

 Yazmyn Hendrix is an innovative dinger songwriter based in Brighton. Over the past year she has become a must see on the Brighton music scene moving from open mic nights to headlining gigs. She uses a unique blend of her own vocals to create a soundscape live with loop pedals and produces beautiful, multilayered, multidimensional songs. She hypnotises audiences with her artistry. A keynote of every gig is a hushed audience which is no mean feat in noisy pubs!

Yazmyn was on of the first artists to feature on BRighTunes new YouTube chanel featuring the best of Unigned Brighton artists and has been playing gigs across Brighton, some of which have raised money for local charities.

yazmyn was playing Fem Fest last Friday when her gig bag was stolen with all her equipment in. this is a devastating blow. Like many musicians most of the gigs she Yas are unpaid. It has taken five years to build up her equipment on minimum wage. Just at the point she is beginning to be recognised for her music she is in a position where she can't play or create.

Please help Yazmyn rebuild her music set up and buy a new pedalboard, pedals   Mixer and mica. Thank you x

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