Help Rescue Kitties Manchester

Help Rescue Kitties Manchester

Our aim is to bring our current vet bills down to zero so we can continue saving cats in Greater Manchester.

We did it!

On 15th Aug 2018 we successfully raised £1,011 with 20 supporters in 28 days


Since May 2016, we have been taking in mama cats, kittens and if foster space is available, other stray cats. We take them to the vets, get them vaccinated, chipped and neutered before finding a forever home for each cat. We regularly spend sleepless nights bottle feeding these adorable, helpless, abandoned kittens and rush them to the vets in cases of emergency.

In addition, we run a Facebook page now with over 4000 members. We answer many cat-related questions every day on the page and try to help cat owners as much as possible, sharing our experiences and knowledge. The page also became an important platform to share information about missing pets in the area, leaving no stone unturned to reunite a lost pet with it's human.

We are a non-profit organization and are 100 % run by volunteers only. We have the support of 22 cat-fosterers and 20 helpers, who selflessly dedicate much of their  time for the rescue animals, delivering food, conducting homechecks, taking cats to the vets or sitting in the cold for hours, trying to trap kittens that have been left behind.


We have now rehomed over 400 cats since we began. We conduct homechecks on every ‘forever home’ making sure each rescue gets the home he/she deserves. If possible, we ask for a £ 50 donation. This covers the cost of vaccinating, chipping and neutering a healthy kitten. The costs for cat food are kindly taken care of by the fosterers themselves.

Unfortunately, some of the stray kittens aren't healthy and need additional vet treatment. We heavily rely on our regular donors to help cover the vet bills through organising amazing fundraisers, lotteries and bake sales. We could not be more grateful to them.

However, over the last months, the unpaid bills have spiralled to £ 3500. With an unprecedented 94 kittens and 11 adult cats in our foster care right now, many have needed extensive treatment due to poor health contributing to this mounting vet bill.  We are eternally grateful to vets4pets, Stockport for their support and understanding at this tough time.

Through Crowdfunder, we hope to reach a wider audience to raise the profile of the amazing work our volunteers do and the never-ending plight to ensure all the cats and kittens in our care can be afforded the treatment they need and deserve.

With your donation, we can clear our vet bills and continue to rescue stray kittens and support pregnant stray mums. Thank you. 

Your donation flows straight to our vet bills. We only deduct the printing costs and postage for the rewards from the funding.

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